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Merry Christmas Handsome

Pulling your spare key out of my trench pocket, I stealthily enter your home. Inhaling a deep breath of the rousingly familiar scent. Images flash through my mind, stirring chills through my entire body. Stroking my fingers along the wall as I slowly make my way to your bedroom. Mmm memories of your shower filled with wet pussys brings a smile to my face, thoughts of the mess we made all over your bed causes my bottom lip to be taken hard between my teeth…
Slowly peeking head around your door, I sway my body through, closing it with a click of the lock behind me.
Slipping my coat from my shoulders, letting it slide down, over my curves, puddling on the floor at my feet. Leaving me in nothing, but two red bows covering my peaked nipples and a garter with a crimson bow circling my upper thigh.
Grinning at how beautiful you look, so peacefully lying there next to your stunning woman. Mmmm such a rush courses through my body, my breasts heaving with anticipation, my mind saturated with desires.
Swaying over to the bed, I begin by uncovering that breathtaking female form, sliding a garter over her toes, I spread kisses all the way up the inside of her leg, trailing behind the red ribbon as it glides so effortlessly over her perfect pale skin. Pausing as I reach my desired destination, taking in the intoxicating view, she stirs, briefly opening her eyes. But its not long before my torment continues until her soft moans enters the silent room. My tongue tracing upward taking a nipple lightly between my teeth…
Mmmm lifting my gaze, I see her watching my climb toward her lips. A smile sweeps her face as she recognizes my touch, her lips parting as I claim her morning kiss.
‘Are you ready?’ I whisper into her mouth…
She nods, and quietly follows me down toward your glorious treat…
I cross onto the other side of your perfectly toned body, shifting our asses up along either side of you, scarlet bows below our moistening view for your eyes to wake to…
Lowering in symmetry, we both take your cock beneath our lips, swirling around your hardening length, our tongues meet, linking into deep kisses, returning to cover every inch of your rock hard arousal with our desperately hungered cravings.
‘Reach down and play with your pussy.’ I instruct between deep breaths. As both our hands part our lips and reveal our dampness in your direction. Rubbing, circling, teasing ourselves while you begin to stir, I trail my tongue down your cock, while I watch her take you into the depths of her throat.
Mmmmm, a smile meets my lips as I feel a thumb press lightly onto my ass.
I know you’ve awoken. She jumps a little at the surprise of your touch. I give her a wink and a soft kiss, as we both slowly grind our hips into your busying fingers.
Turning our heads slightly, we peek back at you, our eyes tracing your delectable, hard body. We both whisper softly as we meet your amazed gaze.
Merry Christmas Handsome…

Mmmm Hey You

As I sit and watch your sleeping beauty, my heart races as my will just desires you to awaken…
Positioned next to the bed, I follow each of your breaths through your barely parts lips.
Such plump, delicious lips.
I catch myself tracing my own with my moist tongue, remembering the taste of our last kiss shared…
Devouring your naked body with my hungry eyes, I shift in my chair as my pussy begins to clench…
Unable to resist, I make my way over to the foot of the bed.
Taking in your soft scent as I lower down, trailing my tongue slowly over your toes. You stir a little, but not enough to wake, making my way toward your knee, I pause to take in what lays so perfectly beyond…
Ever so lightly, I slide one of your legs to the side, as I continue to glide over your soft skin taking you all in.
Closing in on my desires, my salivating mouth causes me to swallow hard before my breath hitches in delight as I claim the first kiss of your perfect pink lips…
Running my tongue lightly over your clit, mmmm you taste of sweet arousal…
Pleasant dreams of me I hope.
Smiling at my thought, I carry on parting you with my tongue.
Again, you stir…
This time, I lift my eyes through my dark lashes only to catch your returning gaze…
Mmmm Hey you.
I grin, and continue my descent to invade your dampening welcome…
Pushing both your legs further apart, and up in the air, lifting your precious flower into my face. I hold you there, burying my nose in pure heaven, I rub over your hardening bean, while my tongue busies itself taking you all in. Pulling your plump lips deep into my hungry mouth, feeling the blood flood into them as I watch you closely with each flick of my slicked tongue.
Your soft moans inspire my motions, my devotion, solely bringing you pleasure. Sweet juices flow upon your clenching waves, I lap with the eagerness of one that longingly craves.
It’s you I crave.
Just you.


Wax Me

The dark shadows dancing among the candlelight pauses my mind. I catch my breath as your scent fills my lungs, urging my clench at the familiarity of your taste.
Your proximity closing in upon my heaving breast makes me shift upon eagerness to become even closer. Thoughts swimming in my mind of the collar you have so carefully adorned me with, your claim calming my soul. The flame flickers with each trickle of burning desires dripping over my peaks. Taking my lower lip into my bite, rolling it through my teeth with each inflaming touch.
I need this so much.
Your grip on my leash reminding me to stay aware of my role. My goal. To please you. Only you. A sparkle of light catches my sight as your blade cuts carefully through my crystalized delight. Reddened remnants of your brand calling your tongue to expand my heightened senses. Tender nipples tugged between the teeth of my Sir.
My heart surely ready to explode upon the glimpse of your smile.
And then come the words I live to hear.
Good Girl.



I sneak
into your darkened bedroom
the only light offered
a soft glow from the moon
a lone chair
in the far corner
I sit
and watch
you sleep…
my fingers
my smooth body
over my piqued breasts
I tweak
Gently at first
then twist
and pull
as my breath begins to hitch
at the memories
of how you have treated me
My body…
Your body…
the slow descent
I find my skin rise
with bumps of delight
My nails
forging a pleasant path
to where my cravings
for you
lay deep…
I stroke my plumpened lips
flicking my clit
at each rise of my motion
Seeing you
lying there
so soundly
so peacefully
has me want the man
who claims my skin
my mind
my will…
Parting my legs
even wider
closing my eyes
to the shadowed view
I allow myself to sigh
at the smooth entry
of my self providing torment…
into my private bliss
my true desires
are for you to find me…
Find me…


Alone Again

Alone again. Thoughts of you all I have. Mmmm all I need…
My tongue parting my lips as visions of how I want your kiss flood my mind. Teeth catching my lower lip, rolling it through my longing bite…
Oh, how I crave your touch…
Such strong yet soft hands greet me each time we meet. My lingering hand is now yours.
Your dark eyes so mysterious as they cover me. I hide mine to conceal my delight. Please, don’t look away.
My skin prickling as my nails glide down over my peaking arousal, lower… Lower…
Just the thought of your caress has me arching into the ache, my wandering fingers claiming what I want to be yours.
Where are you? Will we ever be? When will you take me? Taste me… Mmmm I taste so so sweet…
Tipped over the edge as your image stirs such wicked thoughts, such desperate desires, such longing for more… More… MORE…
Drenched beneath each breaking wave, unable to recover any sense of reality…
Even in your absence, you still claim your firm hold over me.
Oh, how I long to be yours Sir…
Let me be yours…