Wax Me

The dark shadows dancing among the candlelight pauses my mind. I catch my breath as your scent fills my lungs, urging my clench at the familiarity of your taste.
Your proximity closing in upon my heaving breast makes me shift upon eagerness to become even closer. Thoughts swimming in my mind of the collar you have so carefully adorned me with, your claim calming my soul. The flame flickers with each trickle of burning desires dripping over my peaks. Taking my lower lip into my bite, rolling it through my teeth with each inflaming touch.
I need this so much.
Your grip on my leash reminding me to stay aware of my role. My goal. To please you. Only you. A sparkle of light catches my sight as your blade cuts carefully through my crystalized delight. Reddened remnants of your brand calling your tongue to expand my heightened senses. Tender nipples tugged between the teeth of my Sir.
My heart surely ready to explode upon the glimpse of your smile.
And then come the words I live to hear.
Good Girl.


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