Mmmm Hey You

As I sit and watch your sleeping beauty, my heart races as my will just desires you to awaken…
Positioned next to the bed, I follow each of your breaths through your barely parts lips.
Such plump, delicious lips.
I catch myself tracing my own with my moist tongue, remembering the taste of our last kiss shared…
Devouring your naked body with my hungry eyes, I shift in my chair as my pussy begins to clench…
Unable to resist, I make my way over to the foot of the bed.
Taking in your soft scent as I lower down, trailing my tongue slowly over your toes. You stir a little, but not enough to wake, making my way toward your knee, I pause to take in what lays so perfectly beyond…
Ever so lightly, I slide one of your legs to the side, as I continue to glide over your soft skin taking you all in.
Closing in on my desires, my salivating mouth causes me to swallow hard before my breath hitches in delight as I claim the first kiss of your perfect pink lips…
Running my tongue lightly over your clit, mmmm you taste of sweet arousal…
Pleasant dreams of me I hope.
Smiling at my thought, I carry on parting you with my tongue.
Again, you stir…
This time, I lift my eyes through my dark lashes only to catch your returning gaze…
Mmmm Hey you.
I grin, and continue my descent to invade your dampening welcome…
Pushing both your legs further apart, and up in the air, lifting your precious flower into my face. I hold you there, burying my nose in pure heaven, I rub over your hardening bean, while my tongue busies itself taking you all in. Pulling your plump lips deep into my hungry mouth, feeling the blood flood into them as I watch you closely with each flick of my slicked tongue.
Your soft moans inspire my motions, my devotion, solely bringing you pleasure. Sweet juices flow upon your clenching waves, I lap with the eagerness of one that longingly craves.
It’s you I crave.
Just you.


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