Monthly Archives: January 2013

Woven worlds

Oh what a tangled web we weave
each warped thread bared
unaware of the bind its creating.
Only to lay there
for a breeze from the weft
to connect and cross
yet be left at a loss
of the journey
splitting at the dreams.

One word
a welcome
to a new world
of entwined cyber lives
Nothing of nom de plume
stimulating verses
leaving so much room to explore
There’s got to be more
Name after game
twisting tongues sizzle
with syllables of wanton dribble
A drool and a swoon
taken to private quarters
behind dm lines
Minds entwine
lacing limbs
pictures conjured
with enflamed letters
passions stirred
Within confines of characters
the need to be freed grows intense
entering a kik hole
is where our sins truly ferment
Surprise spawned
truths unveiled
as feelings float pass the heart
beyond the words
weakening the knees
Promises of trust
under the cross of lust
Whirl winded
Afflictions of emotions
cast across oceans
honed for the zones
directly linked
inside erogenous moans
Battles begin
as ‘wants’ and ‘what ifs’
linguistically reign veins
between the scribed lines
Devotion of daily greetings
before or in place of people
within immediate gripping range
Lives hidden
within lives riddled
in lies
to combine
dripping thighs
and orgasmic sighs
Titillation of tongues
beckoning multiple strums
upon heart strings of succumb
The bliss now leaving reality amiss
Addiction to affection
conflicting with better judgement
Only to return
to the promised glowing morrow
finding a non existent muse
Tears of loss
abandoning reality
through mourning
what never really was
Until next time
same blue eye
with a little scorned vision
Clarity found the wiser

Take Your Time

It’s in the way
you approach
a sweet delicate rose
that makes the bloom
worth her while
She’s thorny
Take your time
my gift
before your eyes
Let my sweet aroma
fill your lungs
Gently work
your way up
my long stem
in my beauty
Let your tastebuds
pool your mouth
as your tongue
a long
meandering path
Take note
of my slow
seductive motions
as I dance
before you
in rhythm
with your climb
Take your time
Before your very eyes
witness my rise
from my protective shell
A pink bud
of pure allure
draws your attention
in wake
of its swell
to resist
you envelop me
with your lips
slightly sucking
twisting your tongue
I murmur
as I come
Petals of pale pink part
Revealing a deeper tone
Your teeth catch
I start to arch
to your roaming torment
Letting out a soft moan
Each fold
tenderly caressed
you circle my delight
Ripples untold
begin to unfurl
you flick and curl
my desires
You lift me higher
Your moisture
with mine
You search
You find
My pearl
I drown in succumb
as your deep eyes scream
That you’ve only just begun

And That
My Friends
Is how you perfectly part the petals
of this woman #NoLongerAGirl


Happy New Ye….s. Right There

My giggles leaving a soft trail as your delicate grip tightens around my elbow. My mind melting at the touch of your other hand so lightly placed at the base of my spine, your fingers subtly stroking the bare skin, brushing over the dimples I know you love so much.
The perfect party of masks and gowns, feathers and crowns, carries on around us as my lusted heart pounds. My breath hitches as you slinkily whisk us beneath the shadows of the night. Hidden at the base of the grand staircase, housed beneath even larger grandeur. The resonating bass of New Years Eve just a dull thud behind the walls of the luxurious bathroom.
My eyes fixed upon your long fingers turning the gold dial on the back of the discretely closed door. The click of the lock causing my clench to flutter. Your ignited eyes lift to mine with the fire I so long to see burn.
For me.
My lower lip pulled into my rolling bite, my pure delight a flushing glow, champagne tingles intensified as your firm attention presses hard into my mind. Pinned beneath the wall and your intoxicating scent, my upper thighs dampen at the knowing smirk that sweeps across your luscious lips. Top breast pocket, inside, brushing your heart, my guess, as to where my lace panties are stowed.
Hitching my gown between your graciously gathering fingers, they quickly reveal my pulsating desires as your thumb presses, circles, taunts my clit. A low growl escapes your throat as your teeth sink into my neck. My knees threatening to buckle, sighs coinciding with parting thighs.
Nipping across to my shoulder, your teeth cause my strap to fall. Then the other side. Your eyes follow the shimmers of black silk as it falls, slowly over my curves and puddles at my feet. You lower after it, guiding your path with your long gliding tongue, claiming my nipple, you tug, until it frees and I groan. Sinking lower, my soul screams yes, as you guide your way, deep inside my wanton desires. Your wandering hands work my cheeks and thighs, lifting one over your shoulder, you force my eyes to close tight as you cover your chin in my sweet delight.
Grinding my hips in time with your titillating torment, your dark eyes finding mine, you command my flow.
Come for me. Now.
Sonic sounds of erupted celebration rings loud, though silent compared to the ones belting from my core. Waves of ecstasy erupt around your licking, flicking skill. My shrill fills the small room, echoing bliss, again and again. Rupturing around and in your mouth, my fingers firmly lace through your hair.
Happy New Ye….s. Right there.