Happy New Ye….s. Right There

My giggles leaving a soft trail as your delicate grip tightens around my elbow. My mind melting at the touch of your other hand so lightly placed at the base of my spine, your fingers subtly stroking the bare skin, brushing over the dimples I know you love so much.
The perfect party of masks and gowns, feathers and crowns, carries on around us as my lusted heart pounds. My breath hitches as you slinkily whisk us beneath the shadows of the night. Hidden at the base of the grand staircase, housed beneath even larger grandeur. The resonating bass of New Years Eve just a dull thud behind the walls of the luxurious bathroom.
My eyes fixed upon your long fingers turning the gold dial on the back of the discretely closed door. The click of the lock causing my clench to flutter. Your ignited eyes lift to mine with the fire I so long to see burn.
For me.
My lower lip pulled into my rolling bite, my pure delight a flushing glow, champagne tingles intensified as your firm attention presses hard into my mind. Pinned beneath the wall and your intoxicating scent, my upper thighs dampen at the knowing smirk that sweeps across your luscious lips. Top breast pocket, inside, brushing your heart, my guess, as to where my lace panties are stowed.
Hitching my gown between your graciously gathering fingers, they quickly reveal my pulsating desires as your thumb presses, circles, taunts my clit. A low growl escapes your throat as your teeth sink into my neck. My knees threatening to buckle, sighs coinciding with parting thighs.
Nipping across to my shoulder, your teeth cause my strap to fall. Then the other side. Your eyes follow the shimmers of black silk as it falls, slowly over my curves and puddles at my feet. You lower after it, guiding your path with your long gliding tongue, claiming my nipple, you tug, until it frees and I groan. Sinking lower, my soul screams yes, as you guide your way, deep inside my wanton desires. Your wandering hands work my cheeks and thighs, lifting one over your shoulder, you force my eyes to close tight as you cover your chin in my sweet delight.
Grinding my hips in time with your titillating torment, your dark eyes finding mine, you command my flow.
Come for me. Now.
Sonic sounds of erupted celebration rings loud, though silent compared to the ones belting from my core. Waves of ecstasy erupt around your licking, flicking skill. My shrill fills the small room, echoing bliss, again and again. Rupturing around and in your mouth, my fingers firmly lace through your hair.
Happy New Ye….s. Right there.


6 thoughts on “Happy New Ye….s. Right There

  1. jame moss

    God, made me clench reading your words, so well chosen the way you describe how your feeling is intense and on point , loved it xxx


  2. Time

    As soon as earth unleashed its treasures, skies erupted as well. It was water everywhere. A river started flowing in the valley of desire and my pen rewrote a new chapter in our history. You looked into my eyes and wondered “just who am I 😉 “. you wondered why giggling has stopped and silence seemed to rule. You looked at the clock , it had stopped ticking… Time was frozen with me and you in eternal bliss. I whispered in your ear ” Forget about time, we have travelled centuries to reach here, now lets relish beginning to a new year… ;)”


    1. Miss Tiff Eying

      As time stands still upon this moment, I pause my quill and reflect on the centuries you speak of. Each experience of our history steering us toward the now. Just Now. Thank you. 🙂



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