Take Your Time

It’s in the way
you approach
a sweet delicate rose
that makes the bloom
worth her while
She’s thorny
Take your time
my gift
before your eyes
Let my sweet aroma
fill your lungs
Gently work
your way up
my long stem
in my beauty
Let your tastebuds
pool your mouth
as your tongue
a long
meandering path
Take note
of my slow
seductive motions
as I dance
before you
in rhythm
with your climb
Take your time
Before your very eyes
witness my rise
from my protective shell
A pink bud
of pure allure
draws your attention
in wake
of its swell
to resist
you envelop me
with your lips
slightly sucking
twisting your tongue
I murmur
as I come
Petals of pale pink part
Revealing a deeper tone
Your teeth catch
I start to arch
to your roaming torment
Letting out a soft moan
Each fold
tenderly caressed
you circle my delight
Ripples untold
begin to unfurl
you flick and curl
my desires
You lift me higher
Your moisture
with mine
You search
You find
My pearl
I drown in succumb
as your deep eyes scream
That you’ve only just begun

And That
My Friends
Is how you perfectly part the petals
of this woman #NoLongerAGirl


8 thoughts on “Take Your Time

  1. Justin Case

    A subtle dance
    We’ve now begun
    Slow, articulate
    Easy, sensuous
    Mere words
    Your words
    Touch my mind
    Your power amazes me
    Take it slow
    Make it last
    You are the one
    To remember


  2. Time

    It is the way you approach a beautiful mind that makes the read worthwhile. Shes beautiful yet perplexed. Time is ripe!

    I gain access through your eyes.
    Let my soul fill your “self”.
    slowly work my way through riddles, wonder and commend your inner beauty
    Let our lips meet as our hearts connect, as your beats meet my ears
    Observe my stealth seductions as I generate purrs within you
    Remember, time is ripe.

    Behold the unfolding of the potential within me
    My soul wants to enter inner sanctums of your hidden beauty.
    We embrace our bodies and become a unity
    minds resist but passions draw us into sublimity
    We talk in language of silence
    Mesmerised by burning desires, unfulfilled passions
    Gravity becomes obsolete as my stalk suspends you unfolding the rose within
    tremors within you cause skies to burst open
    two rivers meet to flow in valley of heaven
    there is no beginning, there is no end
    thirst is never quenched when love is your passion

    You are a pearl and Iam a diver
    search for the unattainable treasure is the real motivator
    its not all about having but pursuing
    and for that there is and will never be any denying

    that is how lust and love blend together in unison. you are no longer a girl but a #womanfullofpassion !

    Thank you 😉


    1. Miss Tiff Eying

      Your words sing through me as my imagination runs wild over the curl of your tongue as you write them.
      Taking time to ripen.
      Thank you 🙂



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