Woven worlds

Oh what a tangled web we weave
each warped thread bared
unaware of the bind its creating.
Only to lay there
for a breeze from the weft
to connect and cross
yet be left at a loss
of the journey
splitting at the dreams.

One word
a welcome
to a new world
of entwined cyber lives
Nothing of nom de plume
stimulating verses
leaving so much room to explore
There’s got to be more
Name after game
twisting tongues sizzle
with syllables of wanton dribble
A drool and a swoon
taken to private quarters
behind dm lines
Minds entwine
lacing limbs
pictures conjured
with enflamed letters
passions stirred
Within confines of characters
the need to be freed grows intense
entering a kik hole
is where our sins truly ferment
Surprise spawned
truths unveiled
as feelings float pass the heart
beyond the words
weakening the knees
Promises of trust
under the cross of lust
Whirl winded
Afflictions of emotions
cast across oceans
honed for the zones
directly linked
inside erogenous moans
Battles begin
as ‘wants’ and ‘what ifs’
linguistically reign veins
between the scribed lines
Devotion of daily greetings
before or in place of people
within immediate gripping range
Lives hidden
within lives riddled
in lies
to combine
dripping thighs
and orgasmic sighs
Titillation of tongues
beckoning multiple strums
upon heart strings of succumb
The bliss now leaving reality amiss
Addiction to affection
conflicting with better judgement
Only to return
to the promised glowing morrow
finding a non existent muse
Tears of loss
abandoning reality
through mourning
what never really was
Until next time
same blue eye
with a little scorned vision
Clarity found the wiser

11 thoughts on “Woven worlds

  1. marcus

    You may have guessed that I’m travelling through your forest M’lle MeKa
    I hope I have the stamina to journey through though I may require a cold towel from time to time 😉



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