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Rainbows of tears

Our words met, before our eyes.
No sooner the laughter consistently spilt from my lids in surprise of my find. Our filthy tongues twisted as our salacious minds drifted into darkened corners of debauchery

Red tears of linguistic torture flourished

Our minds then found a familiar sound, upon wants and desires behind the lives we’ve created. Our tongues found new flavours of truth and of lies, a connection beyond our deepest convictions

Orange tears of tainted pasts poured

Our days connected opposing split skies, story lines plotted and jotted each time the sun stung my awe inspired eyes. A best friend found abound an alternate realm. Hearts felt at home

Yellow tears of sheer joy just rolled

Relations dipping of old, pining for our shared time. Envious and concerned for their standing in our minds lives. A step back to reflect on any pains being profoundly perpetrated

Green tears of pastures trodden tumbled

Upon reflection our connection more valued than rejection, wanting to add instead of subtract, time together retracted for the greater good of said souls, separate to momentary fleeting goals

Blue tears of loss crossed hearts

Devastation cast the blackest of all clouds, resounding sounds of deathly wails. Shattered lives, sorrowed demise of all that was before. Nothing now sure, never wanting reversal more

Indigo tears sinking in inked streams

Skies of sets and rises continue to force our eyes to see. Looking up the only option, in place of buried dreams. Cries of multi faceted hues bemused by futures now incomprehensible

Violet tears paint hope filled years

So Red raw ~ Orange of more.
Into Yellow swell ~ Green ex spell
True Blue fair ~ Deep Indigo despair
Arched abreast a Violet caress

Rainbows of tears
Filling golden pots in fear
That the rains won’t ever end


Naughty kitty

Tossing my keys into the bowl in the centre of the hall console, I notice the fresh vase of flowers you’ve collected from our garden. A smile meets my lips as I collect my cases in either hand and make my way to our bedroom, where I know you’ll be waiting, as instructed via my message to your phone last night.
To my surprise, an empty bed greets me, I drop my bags, and make my way to the bathroom. The afternoon light shining through the window, casting a beam directly on the vanity mirror, steers my eyes to your message scribed in blood red lipstick. A low growl escapes my throat at the excessive amount of letters you used to entice my throb, just one word, read, Puuuuuurrrrr.
Sliding off my suit jacket, resting it over the chair, I loosen my tie as I make my way upstairs.
Our attic is our secret space. One that holds both of our true desires, our lives that we dare not share with our nearest and dearest. It’s the one place we choose to explore the depths of darkness within our lives.
Clicking the door open upon the light filled room, I step through the doorway, turning my eyes to the only place you should be. There. You are.

Each step He climbs, my heart races even more. My body aches for His touch, His guidance, His love.
I know I’ve misbehaved, and I know He knows. So, here, I wait, to receive what I deserve. But first, I must present my body, in a way that He deserves. A body that belongs to Him, a mind that is free of doubt, a heart that feels His love. I must give Him my free will.
As He enters the room and steps inside, my heart slows, my breath quietens, my mind stills.
I am His kitty.
I rest on my knees, pawing at my twitching nose with the back of my hand. Curling the other over my little pink ear, before swaying my way slowly toward you, puuurrrring.
Reaching your tall solid frame, I lift one hand and glide my nails down the front of your thigh, coiling my naked body around your ankles. My tail brushing over the back of my smooth naked thighs. The little pink bow dancing with each seductive motion. Lowering my outstretched tongue, I leave a long trail across your beautiful Italian shoes. Coming to rest, my palms lay before you, my eyes remaining on my drying kiss, my breasts rising as my breath deepens. I can feel your eyes, piercing my flesh with deviantly delicious thoughts.
A chilling, motionless breeze, sends ripples spilling across my skin.
I softly puuuuurrrrr
Knowing. I am Yours.


Ode to your wings

Hey there little Angel
How you doing up there?
You know, you gave us quite the scare.
Your daddy’s hearts breaking for the woman you’ll never be.
And the womb that bore you, bleeds behind your mommy’s cries.
As for me, I just breathe, as if I’m filling their lungs.
Hoping upon a day that your gift of life outweighs the pains of your depart.
Hey there little Angel
He sees your daily display
Purple hues alter his view upon the rise of his new day.
She opens her eyes to your shimmering skies, you polish those stars so bright each night.
Its your baby sister that will now adorn your wings,
As her smiles will melt their hearts, I know its you who’s tickling her senses.
Hey there little Angel
I just want to thank you
For sharing your love with the world we still cling on to.
Tears of despair, hollow hearts in sorrow, will one day fade.
I promise.
Good bye little Angel
Take good care of your wings
Each flutter of your feather adds to the joy your memories bring.


Moments of madness

Moments of madness
now seemingly welcomed
as my mind realizes
that it’s just that
my mind
Such a powerful
source of lies
and betrayal
Memories altered
upon each recollection
Pasts reflections
creating current projections
of love
or hate
for what lays before me
Not from what I see
yet a part of me
that has preconceived notions
on invalid labels
My youth
a story unto itself
yet my mind still holds strains
of my 8 year old self
that I know
led me to knowing
is that the problem?
Not feeling
A journey
into my heart
the most painstaking path
I believe I’ve travelled
To find
that my mind
has been a traitor
this whole time
The only way free
is to fucking forgive
How do I do that?
So many wrongs
I never have righted
so many friends lost
yet not forgotten
So many judgements
upon my way
of being
not seeing
that its the way
we all learn
to just be
A wake up call
upon a trip
in to nothing
Such a bliss filled space
of well
no thing
No need
to remind myself
who I am anymore
as I am
each now
what I was