Ode to your wings

Hey there little Angel
How you doing up there?
You know, you gave us quite the scare.
Your daddy’s hearts breaking for the woman you’ll never be.
And the womb that bore you, bleeds behind your mommy’s cries.
As for me, I just breathe, as if I’m filling their lungs.
Hoping upon a day that your gift of life outweighs the pains of your depart.
Hey there little Angel
He sees your daily display
Purple hues alter his view upon the rise of his new day.
She opens her eyes to your shimmering skies, you polish those stars so bright each night.
Its your baby sister that will now adorn your wings,
As her smiles will melt their hearts, I know its you who’s tickling her senses.
Hey there little Angel
I just want to thank you
For sharing your love with the world we still cling on to.
Tears of despair, hollow hearts in sorrow, will one day fade.
I promise.
Good bye little Angel
Take good care of your wings
Each flutter of your feather adds to the joy your memories bring.


18 thoughts on “Ode to your wings

    1. Miss Tiff Eying

      Thank you Lisa. It’s taken some time for any words to collect and find their way onto a page. So missed is she. All thats left to do is breathe. x


  1. mrinsatiable

    Upon reading your words
    I’m left with a feeling of sorrow
    Thinking of the ones
    that have hearts of hollow
    Your words full of love
    Projecting such sadness
    I love reading your work
    And the way you present it
    You are a truly gifted writer
    As you display in every show
    Thank you for sharing
    The little Angels glow


    1. Miss Tiff Eying

      Thank you for your lovely words Sir. Honestly, this one wrote me. I simply listened. The twinkles upon the night, our reminder to look up, and see the Angels glow…


  2. Tim

    Ive been reading your works for quite sometime but this stands out amongst the rest. Its not the words but the theme wrapped in them that matters more. I wish no human ever undergoes such a trail. Perhaps only consolation is union of the parents and the child after death where there is no fear of separation. Till then, life is a package of unions and partings!


    1. Miss Tiff Eying

      My heart aches for any being to experience a loss so true. I feel for the sorrowed souls left, here, to grieve, and continue their journeys without a treasured piece of their puzzle.
      Thank you for your comment Tim.


  3. Justin Case

    What an amazing piece of work. My greatest fear would be the loss of my only child. I don’t think I could go on if that would happen. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.


  4. Ann Carinci

    To know another woman felt this same loss breaks my heart again and again… what a beautiful gift you gave her, your words, your heart


    1. Miss Tiff Eying

      Oh, darling, thank you so much.
      This angel, was not our own.
      Two dear friends, are without their precious daughter, and this was all I could gift them with… xx



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