Naughty kitty

Tossing my keys into the bowl in the centre of the hall console, I notice the fresh vase of flowers you’ve collected from our garden. A smile meets my lips as I collect my cases in either hand and make my way to our bedroom, where I know you’ll be waiting, as instructed via my message to your phone last night.
To my surprise, an empty bed greets me, I drop my bags, and make my way to the bathroom. The afternoon light shining through the window, casting a beam directly on the vanity mirror, steers my eyes to your message scribed in blood red lipstick. A low growl escapes my throat at the excessive amount of letters you used to entice my throb, just one word, read, Puuuuuurrrrr.
Sliding off my suit jacket, resting it over the chair, I loosen my tie as I make my way upstairs.
Our attic is our secret space. One that holds both of our true desires, our lives that we dare not share with our nearest and dearest. It’s the one place we choose to explore the depths of darkness within our lives.
Clicking the door open upon the light filled room, I step through the doorway, turning my eyes to the only place you should be. There. You are.

Each step He climbs, my heart races even more. My body aches for His touch, His guidance, His love.
I know I’ve misbehaved, and I know He knows. So, here, I wait, to receive what I deserve. But first, I must present my body, in a way that He deserves. A body that belongs to Him, a mind that is free of doubt, a heart that feels His love. I must give Him my free will.
As He enters the room and steps inside, my heart slows, my breath quietens, my mind stills.
I am His kitty.
I rest on my knees, pawing at my twitching nose with the back of my hand. Curling the other over my little pink ear, before swaying my way slowly toward you, puuurrrring.
Reaching your tall solid frame, I lift one hand and glide my nails down the front of your thigh, coiling my naked body around your ankles. My tail brushing over the back of my smooth naked thighs. The little pink bow dancing with each seductive motion. Lowering my outstretched tongue, I leave a long trail across your beautiful Italian shoes. Coming to rest, my palms lay before you, my eyes remaining on my drying kiss, my breasts rising as my breath deepens. I can feel your eyes, piercing my flesh with deviantly delicious thoughts.
A chilling, motionless breeze, sends ripples spilling across my skin.
I softly puuuuurrrrr
Knowing. I am Yours.


18 thoughts on “Naughty kitty

  1. badgerthereader

    Beautifully written and so erotic! Such a purrfect pet too. I shall be following your adventures avidly! I loved the bit about the secret space, away from friends and family, where you can explore. This I can totally relate to! Well done, I’m very impressed.



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