Monthly Archives: March 2013

His Easter treat

His kitten
Purring into her kneel
His caress
Stroking her into bliss
His strike
Fulfilling her delight
His command
Beneath His hand

Her surprise
An Easter treat
Her white ears
With pink centers
Her ass
Raised in anticipation
Her eyes
His elation

His fingers
And tickle
Her tail
A fluffy ball
A giggle
His groan
As he enters her
Her moan
She’s now His bunny
To keep


His power

His power entered the room, before he did. The solid oak table, stood, studded with executive chairs, filled with clenched thighs and envious eyes. You could smell the air shift, as soon as his suit, tailored to his toned torso, circled the dozen associates, to find his position at the head of the board meeting.
Splayed fingertips, resting into his light lean forward, as his eyes traveled clockwise, in his gesture of greet. A soft smirk meeting the corner of his lips, in knowing, that the breaths were hitched until his gaze passed to the next.
Mine, stayed.
I couldn’t breathe. Not until his eyes found me.
Only then, in his discretely lengthened pause, could my mind rest, my racing heart ease its pace, my lip fall from my rolling bite.
Only once his smooth voice filled the deafening silence, could I even contemplate concentrating on the words, falling from his perfectly full lips.
And then, his long fingers reach, to unbutton his jacket. Revealing a buckle that almost shimmered in my eye, sending an eruption of chills across my flesh.
Shaking my salacious thoughts, I fix my attention on my freshly painted, siren red nails. I link my fidgeting fingers together, as my mind strays to the sublime lines they would leave, after trailing down his spine.
Snapped out of my wayward wander, by his almost growling tone repeating my name. I look up, only to find all eyes fixed on me. The rising heat immediately casting a blush over my cheeks. I stand, in order to fulfill my duty, the words I’ve researched, tumble from my lips effortlessly.
I cast a sideward glance across his seated pose, resting back, almost lounging, as my points of reason promote nods in unison around the table.
He sits, in silence.
His eyes, boring holes into my mind, piercing my chest, gripping my core.
I find my finish, taking a deep breath, slowly lowering back into my chair, adjusting a loose tendril of hair, curling it back, behind my ear.
I can feel the heat of his eyes, watching every move, with an almost animalistic glare.
Not a moment too soon, all in the room had said their piece. All projects were firmly in place with his structured precision.
The meeting was at its end.
Silence swept the room once more, as we awaited his rise, for our dismissal.
He paused, lingered, almost reveled in his power.
I stifled a giggle.
Until finally, he stood. Covering that shiny belt buckle, as he refastened his jacket.
His dark eyes, followed his staff once more, before wishing us all a good day. To which the hustle of papers and laptops commenced as the room emptied in light speed.
I remained. Seated.
As the last person cleared, he followed them to the heavy timber door, closing it behind them with a click of the gold lock, and a subtle smile meeting his lips.
My heart beat was surely audible as he strode across the room, closing the gap between his want, and my need.
His hands reached under his jacket, as he swiftly slid the leather strap through the loops of his slacks, coiling it loosely around his hand.
I tardily spun my chair to face outward from the desk as he reached a proximity where his powerful scent filled my lungs, where his broad shoulders shadowed my light, where the sheer beauty of his chiseled jaw cast a pulsating vibration through my entire body.
‘So…’ I say ‘That went well’
‘Thank you Mistress’
As he fell to his knees, at my awaiting feet, and presented to me, his shimmering submission.

Upon ripened eyes

Memories of you
Fill my core
As I wander through our crispy apple past
Each bite
Each taste
Sweeping my risen flesh upon each slow step
Seasons of succulence
Since fallen to the floor of our fruitful path
For us
Didn’t last

Time thickened trunk
Caressed my trailing finger tips
Our carved hearts
Read of blossoming love
Laced legs
From overhanging boughs
Beneath pash pouted lips
Poetry recited
Under clear spring suns
Beneath mind binding slips

A smile reaching my eyes
As they spy
Our favourite tree
The one
Where nobody would see
A tingle between my thighs
As I sigh
You fed from me
Passions raw
Spilled and flowed free

I close my eyes
Inhaling the same air
The orchard smelled of trust
Holding the secrets of our lust
You opened my eyes
Breaths of longing shared
The more our hearts swelled
The deeper we both fell
A lone tear
Rolls down my cheek
Upon viewing the same sun setting
Blinking through golden hues
Twirling in tune
To our divinely final dance
In the apples orchard
We flourished
As have the leaves
That held our romance