Upon ripened eyes

Memories of you
Fill my core
As I wander through our crispy apple past
Each bite
Each taste
Sweeping my risen flesh upon each slow step
Seasons of succulence
Since fallen to the floor of our fruitful path
For us
Didn’t last

Time thickened trunk
Caressed my trailing finger tips
Our carved hearts
Read of blossoming love
Laced legs
From overhanging boughs
Beneath pash pouted lips
Poetry recited
Under clear spring suns
Beneath mind binding slips

A smile reaching my eyes
As they spy
Our favourite tree
The one
Where nobody would see
A tingle between my thighs
As I sigh
You fed from me
Passions raw
Spilled and flowed free

I close my eyes
Inhaling the same air
The orchard smelled of trust
Holding the secrets of our lust
You opened my eyes
Breaths of longing shared
The more our hearts swelled
The deeper we both fell
A lone tear
Rolls down my cheek
Upon viewing the same sun setting
Blinking through golden hues
Twirling in tune
To our divinely final dance
In the apples orchard
We flourished
As have the leaves
That held our romance


12 thoughts on “Upon ripened eyes

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  2. Mike

    This pilgrimage into past passion is perfectly paired with the poetics in play here. I enjoyed the allusion, metaphor, language and phraseology – time thickened trunk; laced legs etc. The voice is wistful and the tone mellow and accepting rather than the melancholy that might be expected of such scenes. Fine work Megan.



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