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Duck Porn

In this technological world we weave
Words of wonder to ponder freely
Typing our minds desires in projection
Then there’s the ducking auto correction
Such a simple mishap altering perspectives
One ducker turns to two collectives
Ruffled feathers of fornicating shaking tails
Duck porn is born laughter prevails

First a tpyo now deliberately written
Duckers flocking with their own submissions
Duck porn is alive and wading
With webbed words and pictorial mating
Plucking puns of plumage in boast
Basting our salacious minds to roast

A valuable lesson now ducking down
Spell check doesn’t write fuck now
Such simple pleasures of quacking up
Tasty tender thighs spreading for ducks

All thanks to two who knew
That I just ducking love you

We rock… Together

Nothing could hold me back from grinning the whole drive over. Tonights regime had been strategically planned for weeks now. Every little detail was covered, even down to the toilet breaks…
Boy you make me laugh…

You and your pedantic schedules. You were always like that, even in fifth grade. Teaching the teacher structure.
So different, you and I. We always have been. Yet best friends for more moons than I care to admit seeing.
Tonight, was long overdue…
I must admit, although I adore your husband, I do love it when business calls him away. I get my friend back for a few days. Movies, chocolate, reminiscing all of our mid twenties debauchery. Well, mine… You were always the responsible one, holding either my hair back, or carrying my shoes…

Those days are too few and far between now. Whilst I still see sunrises, and walk the shameful morning trail, back to my bed, you, a mum, wife, so deliciously happy.
Most days, I’m so envious…
When I’m not wrapping my thighs around some strangers ears that is.
I’m in my hello kitty pjs already. You hate when I wear them in public, so, I will do so, till we die. I know I’ll find you skipping around in your matching set, just as soon as I walk through that door… Giggling about being covered in pussys.
Turning into your drive, immediately noticing the dark. Surely you didn’t forget. We only spoke yesterday.
Taking to the back door, because the front is for guests, and I’m family.
My bag and keys, landing on the counter, I call, for you.
And again, louder.
Making a bee line for your bedroom, I switch on the light.
A deep inhale fills my lungs at the sight…
Paper… Reams, of printed pages, scattered and sprawled across the entire surface of your room. Between, under, on top of an abundance of scrunched up tissues.
I sweep my eyes over some pictures of a woman, her face, her tits, her fingers, deep inside her dripping pussy…
Hundreds of thousands of words… Wanting words, craving words, words of need and desire…
Dripped from each page…
Such a familiar sight… To my eyes.
Such a world away from yours.
And… There… Pictures of him.
With her…
Shaking myself back into the now, pulling my jaw off the floor, I call, once more…
Dashing toward your ensuite, hearing the faint fall of water.
My deep breath, exhaled in relief. You’re alright…
Opening the door, slowly, poking my nose in, as to not startle you, I cant help but let out a painful gasp.

Launching my way to your sunken frame, puddled, rocking in the drowning base. Your face laced with blackened trails, matching your spine tingling wails, that ripped into my core as your absent eyes found mine.
I climb, straight into your scolding stream. Wrapping my body around yours, my arms encasing your coiled knees, my tears falling, in desperate need, to not let yours travel down the drain alone.
We rock.
In the pooling base of the dark night.
Sinking into new depths, of unknown.

Simpli City

My curiosity had me leave
my home in humble Histori City.
Time for me to venture out
and breathe in others diversity.
Firstly, I drove through
the small town of Plasti City.
They greeted me with audacity
claiming they owned Authenti City.
So I continued to journey
as my eyes spied Opa City.
I stopped at the university
with an incapacity to see
further than Syllabi City.
Lucky for me, Elasti City
wasn’t too far a stretch.
It was only when the shock
of reaching Electri City hit
did I fly through Fero City.
They had many signs in Multipli City.
So I stopped, for some perversity
all they did was mimic Dupli City.
The town capped in Eccentri City
left me, longing for adversity.
Time to stop, and find my home
In sweet, simple Simpli City.


Alliterate Me

Albeit alphabetically accentuated
Broken by boundless binds
Curling collected consonants
Delivering delicious deviance
Erotically erogenous energy
Flooding forward freely
Grasping glorious glimpses
Honing heated hormones
Igniting internal infernos
Juicy journeys jutting
Kicking kindred kinks
Lapping linguistic longings
Molding masked magnificence
Nibbling necks notoriously
Orgasmically opening orifices
Planting pleasures plentifully
Quaking quivers quenched
Raging ripples rising
Streaming syntactical seduction
Torrential throes tingle
Under unbeknown umbrellas
Visceral vibes vying
Weaving wondrous words
eXciting extra extravagance
Yielding yesterdays yearnings
Zoning in Zen zest

Journal of Sixes

Naked ~ stripped of all my insecurities
I kneel ~ resting my puddled mind
His fingers ~ lacing through my locks
His steady breath ~ I match ~ mine

Carefully caressing the spine ~ He begins
His voice ~ seeping into my core
He reads me ~ reads to me
Each verse ~ leaving me ~ wanting more

Poetic sways of a deviant mind
Dripping down each page ~ whetting appetites
His pause ~ His deep inhale ~ sigh
Forcing my lip ~ into my bite

Passions flowing ~ from His delicious tongue
Conjuring emotions ~ stirring from times past
My eyes close ~ absorbing His response
He continues ~ slower ~ making it last

A moment shared ~ catches His breath
Bending ~ my forehead receives His kiss
His eyes follow my lines ~ flawlessly
Each curve ~ He revels ~ none missed

His gratitude felt ~ beneath His touch
Our journey ~ I’ve journaled ~ for Him
My submissive soul bared ~ before His
He whispers ~ that’s just our beginning

Reaching my Initiation

Cloaked in darkness
Blacker than the night
Robes draped to the floor
Bare flesh laid beneath

Masks of disguise
My only comfort
As on this eve
I am to initiate my service

Paced a step behind
As trained to be
I am collarless
Yet not untamed

The mood lit room
Filled with scents of sex
Glowed behind the ring
Of shadowed audience

We take to our seats
Await the commence
As two ladies stand
Disrobing to silky skin

Assuming their positions
Upon centre stage
Tangling their tongues
To the tunes of sighs

A man and woman
Found space below
Sharing the heated view
Displaying fiery passion

As my heart beat raced
Calm found in the music
A soft classical piece
Bringing me to my space

His hand on my back
To ease my anxiety
Quick squeeze of my cheek
Indicating that it’s time

I stand on quivering knees
His dark eyes follow my lines
As my robe puddles
At His awaiting feet

Between two perfect bodies
I lay my soul out bare
Fingers trail before tongues
Covering my naked flesh

All eyes firmly fixed
On our bodies in bliss
My arousal piqued
By His audible groan

Through my shivers of delight
I find His lusted eyes
Releasing my intoxication
Reaching my initiation

My pleasure
Is His
Is mine


Soap box pose

We love
We fuck
We love
Who we fuck
And sometimes
We love fucking
Who we love

Then there’s those moments
Where we need to decide
To be honest to our hearts
Or our loins
Do we lie
To the ones we love
To satisfy our carnal urges
Or do we let the loved one free
To fly
Without the burden
Of being used, abused
Heart broken

Where is the compassion
For the one that shares your world
When your flesh
Combines with anothers
Just to satisfy
Just to experience

Where’s the love
Is it only in our mind
Can we turn it off
Or does it haunt us
Until our lives crumble around us
And then
Do we just whine
And ask why
Why me

I’m up on my soap box
I don’t care who judges me
It’s my fucking soap box
And I’ll scream as much as I please

Stand on your own
Plead your case as you like
I’ll either listen, or not
Which is your choice
With mine…

Kindness to others
Stems from being kind
To our Selves
If we find that our lives
Are on a downward slide
Just step back
I’m sure you’ll find
A moment in time
Where you decided
To be unkind

And one last thing
As I stand so tall on my soap box
This sounds so judgmental
But honestly
It’s my personal wake up call

Steps off my soap box
Sways my way through the crowd
Twirling my ring around my finger
And goes home
To fuck
The one I love


Broken bonds
Beckoning repair
But at what cost?
Built upon levels
of unattainable platforms
But at what height?

Shards of sweet hearts
Soaked in succulent sin
Sliced with such precision
Sprinkled so unscrupulously

Slippery tongues surface
Slow streaming drips
Staining the hardwood
With each seeping weep

Crimson tides
Minds reside
To the fact
Our time is shattered