Soap box pose

We love
We fuck
We love
Who we fuck
And sometimes
We love fucking
Who we love

Then there’s those moments
Where we need to decide
To be honest to our hearts
Or our loins
Do we lie
To the ones we love
To satisfy our carnal urges
Or do we let the loved one free
To fly
Without the burden
Of being used, abused
Heart broken

Where is the compassion
For the one that shares your world
When your flesh
Combines with anothers
Just to satisfy
Just to experience

Where’s the love
Is it only in our mind
Can we turn it off
Or does it haunt us
Until our lives crumble around us
And then
Do we just whine
And ask why
Why me

I’m up on my soap box
I don’t care who judges me
It’s my fucking soap box
And I’ll scream as much as I please

Stand on your own
Plead your case as you like
I’ll either listen, or not
Which is your choice
With mine…

Kindness to others
Stems from being kind
To our Selves
If we find that our lives
Are on a downward slide
Just step back
I’m sure you’ll find
A moment in time
Where you decided
To be unkind

And one last thing
As I stand so tall on my soap box
This sounds so judgmental
But honestly
It’s my personal wake up call

Steps off my soap box
Sways my way through the crowd
Twirling my ring around my finger
And goes home
To fuck
The one I love

9 thoughts on “Soap box pose

    1. Miss Tiff Eying

      It seems to be a rarity for some to know about the ‘not so green grass’ before jumping the fence…
      I’m happy with my grass… Patches and all πŸ™‚



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