Reaching my Initiation

Cloaked in darkness
Blacker than the night
Robes draped to the floor
Bare flesh laid beneath

Masks of disguise
My only comfort
As on this eve
I am to initiate my service

Paced a step behind
As trained to be
I am collarless
Yet not untamed

The mood lit room
Filled with scents of sex
Glowed behind the ring
Of shadowed audience

We take to our seats
Await the commence
As two ladies stand
Disrobing to silky skin

Assuming their positions
Upon centre stage
Tangling their tongues
To the tunes of sighs

A man and woman
Found space below
Sharing the heated view
Displaying fiery passion

As my heart beat raced
Calm found in the music
A soft classical piece
Bringing me to my space

His hand on my back
To ease my anxiety
Quick squeeze of my cheek
Indicating that it’s time

I stand on quivering knees
His dark eyes follow my lines
As my robe puddles
At His awaiting feet

Between two perfect bodies
I lay my soul out bare
Fingers trail before tongues
Covering my naked flesh

All eyes firmly fixed
On our bodies in bliss
My arousal piqued
By His audible groan

Through my shivers of delight
I find His lusted eyes
Releasing my intoxication
Reaching my initiation

My pleasure
Is His
Is mine


5 thoughts on “Reaching my Initiation

  1. Mike

    You use some beautiful language to describe the scene and sensuality – ‘scents of sex’ and ‘mood lit room’ are particularly vivid and even though it is a lengthy piece you maintained both the words and the suspense all the way through. Well done.

    [‘heart beat’ may be one word?]



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