Journal of Sixes

Naked ~ stripped of all my insecurities
I kneel ~ resting my puddled mind
His fingers ~ lacing through my locks
His steady breath ~ I match ~ mine

Carefully caressing the spine ~ He begins
His voice ~ seeping into my core
He reads me ~ reads to me
Each verse ~ leaving me ~ wanting more

Poetic sways of a deviant mind
Dripping down each page ~ whetting appetites
His pause ~ His deep inhale ~ sigh
Forcing my lip ~ into my bite

Passions flowing ~ from His delicious tongue
Conjuring emotions ~ stirring from times past
My eyes close ~ absorbing His response
He continues ~ slower ~ making it last

A moment shared ~ catches His breath
Bending ~ my forehead receives His kiss
His eyes follow my lines ~ flawlessly
Each curve ~ He revels ~ none missed

His gratitude felt ~ beneath His touch
Our journey ~ I’ve journaled ~ for Him
My submissive soul bared ~ before His
He whispers ~ that’s just our beginning

12 thoughts on “Journal of Sixes

  1. marcus

    Honestly, I know what it feels like to read aloud, often do as it stirs…like foreplay for the mind that swoons the soul, gives hunger to the heart…
    HATFM great write…



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