Alliterate Me

Albeit alphabetically accentuated
Broken by boundless binds
Curling collected consonants
Delivering delicious deviance
Erotically erogenous energy
Flooding forward freely
Grasping glorious glimpses
Honing heated hormones
Igniting internal infernos
Juicy journeys jutting
Kicking kindred kinks
Lapping linguistic longings
Molding masked magnificence
Nibbling necks notoriously
Orgasmically opening orifices
Planting pleasures plentifully
Quaking quivers quenched
Raging ripples rising
Streaming syntactical seduction
Torrential throes tingle
Under unbeknown umbrellas
Visceral vibes vying
Weaving wondrous words
eXciting extra extravagance
Yielding yesterdays yearnings
Zoning in Zen zest

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