Simpli City

My curiosity had me leave
my home in humble Histori City.
Time for me to venture out
and breathe in others diversity.
Firstly, I drove through
the small town of Plasti City.
They greeted me with audacity
claiming they owned Authenti City.
So I continued to journey
as my eyes spied Opa City.
I stopped at the university
with an incapacity to see
further than Syllabi City.
Lucky for me, Elasti City
wasn’t too far a stretch.
It was only when the shock
of reaching Electri City hit
did I fly through Fero City.
They had many signs in Multipli City.
So I stopped, for some perversity
all they did was mimic Dupli City.
The town capped in Eccentri City
left me, longing for adversity.
Time to stop, and find my home
In sweet, simple Simpli City.


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