We rock… Together

Nothing could hold me back from grinning the whole drive over. Tonights regime had been strategically planned for weeks now. Every little detail was covered, even down to the toilet breaks…
Boy you make me laugh…

You and your pedantic schedules. You were always like that, even in fifth grade. Teaching the teacher structure.
So different, you and I. We always have been. Yet best friends for more moons than I care to admit seeing.
Tonight, was long overdue…
I must admit, although I adore your husband, I do love it when business calls him away. I get my friend back for a few days. Movies, chocolate, reminiscing all of our mid twenties debauchery. Well, mine… You were always the responsible one, holding either my hair back, or carrying my shoes…

Those days are too few and far between now. Whilst I still see sunrises, and walk the shameful morning trail, back to my bed, you, a mum, wife, so deliciously happy.
Most days, I’m so envious…
When I’m not wrapping my thighs around some strangers ears that is.
I’m in my hello kitty pjs already. You hate when I wear them in public, so, I will do so, till we die. I know I’ll find you skipping around in your matching set, just as soon as I walk through that door… Giggling about being covered in pussys.
Turning into your drive, immediately noticing the dark. Surely you didn’t forget. We only spoke yesterday.
Taking to the back door, because the front is for guests, and I’m family.
My bag and keys, landing on the counter, I call, for you.
And again, louder.
Making a bee line for your bedroom, I switch on the light.
A deep inhale fills my lungs at the sight…
Paper… Reams, of printed pages, scattered and sprawled across the entire surface of your room. Between, under, on top of an abundance of scrunched up tissues.
I sweep my eyes over some pictures of a woman, her face, her tits, her fingers, deep inside her dripping pussy…
Hundreds of thousands of words… Wanting words, craving words, words of need and desire…
Dripped from each page…
Such a familiar sight… To my eyes.
Such a world away from yours.
And… There… Pictures of him.
With her…
Shaking myself back into the now, pulling my jaw off the floor, I call, once more…
Dashing toward your ensuite, hearing the faint fall of water.
My deep breath, exhaled in relief. You’re alright…
Opening the door, slowly, poking my nose in, as to not startle you, I cant help but let out a painful gasp.

Launching my way to your sunken frame, puddled, rocking in the drowning base. Your face laced with blackened trails, matching your spine tingling wails, that ripped into my core as your absent eyes found mine.
I climb, straight into your scolding stream. Wrapping my body around yours, my arms encasing your coiled knees, my tears falling, in desperate need, to not let yours travel down the drain alone.
We rock.
In the pooling base of the dark night.
Sinking into new depths, of unknown.

12 thoughts on “We rock… Together

  1. Andrea

    Every word created a scene that I’ve lived. From primary school desks to shower floors, each syllable reflects a moment too vivid not to bring on aching tears. I adore this piece while I hate it. Xoxox


  2. marcus

    a stunning write M’lle MeKa
    slowly building the story journeys
    building to a climax
    powerful and sad
    but caring in the end
    as two who are truly bonded
    together rock the sadness to rest



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