in the fantasies
of others words
I rest
my naked frame
nestling the bound pages
across my chaise lounging torso
at first
that you
had filled the wing back chair
it was your heated glare
that sent a wave of chills
over my pale flesh
it was the script
that dripped
my eyes traveled faster
my breath deepening
as the words of desire
my core
It was the sound of your belt
being pulled through the buckle
that startled
my wandering hand
to pause
my body demanded more
Then a zipper
caught my attention
my eyes darting
to find
your long body
sunken so sublimely
your hand reaches in
to release
The sound
of the book
tumbling to the ground
startled my glare
yet conjured your lips to curl
in that smirk
I know
oh so well
Your girth
so utterly perfect
as it escapes the confines
of your trousers
My arousal
with a twist
of my stiffening peaks
Good book?
you scoff
as your eyes wander
the entire length
of my now achingly wanton flesh
I arch
at your carnal stare
My teeth
taking to my lower lip
as your hand
so slowly slips
the length of your shaft
My audible gasp
as your touch
Tracing my curves
my fingertips glide
as your eyes fix
on my parting thighs
One smooth stroke
between my moistened lips
conjures your sigh
I lift to taste
the sweet flavour
you create

My tongue tracing my lips
Your thumb
takes to the tip
as you roll it
so gently
that my tongue
just longs to be there
You moan
as a single pearl sits
at the peak
of your shimmering helmet
You take your forefinger
across the tip
and taste
Twisting my body
in order to tease
my need
is your desire
My fingers circling
my now swollen nub
the sounds
of passion
Your stroke
and slow
as mine
grows in pace
My heart racing
my other hand
busily taunts
my puckered nipples
Devouring your every movement
my body tingles
in bated anticipation
that each long stroke
of your hand
is of craving
Two fingers
between my lips
only to sink
and curl
as my palm
continues to press
on my achingly stiff clit
Toes curling
as fiery waves
rage through my veins
You pick up the pace
at the tip
Oh fuck!
My heart skipped
Your free hand
the grip of the armrest
you unbutton
ever so slowly
exposing luscious dark curls
Your silk tie
flicked over your shoulder
I giggle
My mind reeling
as your hand
slaps that solid shaft
my cheeks blush
in memory
of just that touch
You’re such a fucking tease
I scoff
I shift
and sit
so you can watch
Driven to the end
of my ability to withstand
this force
that courses
just by watching your hand
My body shivers
as it delivers
Throwing my head back
unable to see
my moans
filling the air
as I coat
my deeply penetrating digits
And again!
The blistering inferno
tearing through my bones
my swollen lips
into the shade of lust
you thrust
and spill
your hot jets
of combined sighs
as yours
and my
orgasms explode
over our voyeuristic desires
Mmmm now
my love…
You slowly breathe
Lets just call that foreplay
shall we…

34 thoughts on “Foreplay

    1. Miss Tiff Eying

      Mmmm I like the thought of making mornings even more glorious… Thank you for reading/listening 🙂


    1. Megan Kay's Blog Post author

      What a truly humbling greeting, thank you. I am looking forward to spending some time scrolling your mind. It’s always a pleasure to come across new paths to explore. Welcome to my world x



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