Love Letter…s

Is a love letter
well, a few specially picked ones actually, that I found just lying around, waiting to be used
and abused, as only I can.

So, this is to you…
Yes, you…

The gratitude
within me
for meeting you
for sharing
The sheer rapture
of traveling
this path with you
can only be shown
by me
dropping to my knees
to Thank You
from the very full circumference
of the predominantly precious capacity
(plus a bit extra)
of my humbled
love beating heart…

When I look back
upon each memory
my being swells
with undefinable
undeniable joy
For each gift
of pure light
shade of grey
or pitchest of black
Enabled and allowed growth
not otherwise found
not any
that I would have ever experienced
if it hadn’t been for…You

For that, I love

is relevantly irrelevant
on that timeline
as I’m sure you’ve noticed
If not been jabbed
in the main vein
and succumb to the addiction yourself
you’ve possibly felt others melt
beneath the covers
and spelt their worldly woes and wonders
in throes of highly intoxicated tweet hunger…
ie… Me…

Time ~ is ticking

I can feel it
slipping beneath these fingertips
that seem to have lost their way
I can taste
the change in the air
a warm breeze sweeping through
flicking the pages of my book

I’ll be around
I’m not even going to pretend that I can avoid that timeline
a new chapter of mine
is itching
to be scribed

Your support
and understanding
of the path I’m planning on traveling
as a prospective author
Is more than
I could have ever hoped for

I adore you
All ways

Megan Kay *blows kisses*

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