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Multi Face Its

Kaleidoscopic views
twisted into marvel
Tessellated patterns
seemingly fitting
Hues of understanding
with each turn
Clarity fading
lines once sharp
into blurred edges
Colours darkened
from scarlets and greens
into screaming blues
Blackened trails
of betrayal
staining cheeks
turned pale
The veils of truth
the lies her eyes
have been facing
Quivering lip
in avoidance
of believing
what’s being written
The tip
of her pen
with ink
she no longer
should let drip
has hold
of her shaking
her mind
now molded
into the hands
of quicksand
into new depths
Her thinking
no more
her soul
with regrets
of old
grown cold
Ones new
she clings on to
with a hope
a plea
that she has learned
how to see
through the faceted masks
adorned with precisions craft
A vicious laugh
in her guttural grasp
not meeting her lips
for her heart
has met
this age old trick
in another
has found
her coiled
in disbelief
her view
of any beauty
that may lay beneath
she remains
with her kaleidoscope
that one day
she will forget
the names
of the pain
If only
she can refrain
from making
the same mistake
she lifts
the twisted lies
to her eyes
in hope
she’s grown
to see through
the shadows dance
And face it


Fear Full

I would wake
with an ache
that couldn’t be mistaken
for anything but passion
so my fingers would warm
around my coffee mug
while my mind
would conjure and tug
words of wonder
to flow yonder
and settle
in the souls
that longed
to ponder

branched leaves
My mind expanded
as my linguistic ability
was accepted
Passions stirred
into writhing rhythms
of succulence
Attractions distracting
from the intent
I relentlessly kept forth
adorning my mind
with more
than my heart had in store

So, I find
my dreams read as real
my truths read as lies
my unbinding of lusted desires
fled into the hands of despair
Unable to tear
my self away
from the days darkness
I now wake
and write
of the pain
that resides
so deeply inside
of how I am portrayed
the ink
that is spilling
is no longer
my willing
Under much duress
I now lay
my pen to rest

My words
are unworthy
not only
of being read
but are being penned

Fantasy Fare

in the path
of fantasies

No charge
to take the ride
no height
age of old
of youth
in the fairy

No fee
to enter
upon dreams
in slumbers grasp
No cost
to cross
the bounds
of minds freedom

So they say…

What of words
that enter worlds
of wonder
of hope
of longing
to obtain

When stories
become ingrained
in your wayward thoughts

When images
with repossessed heat
your core
Eyes closing
to reality
in search
of the tastes
of more

What price
do we pay
to play
in fantasies dance
A romance
that captures
our souls

of haunted houses
tear through
lusts powers
that leave chills
as clarity
the smoke screen

No fare?
We continue to dream
In fear
of being trapped
within a world
with no possibility

We play
out our roles
We pay
with our souls
All for a moment
of reprieve
from paying
our daily tolls

we let down our hair
in a breath
of unaware
In hope
there may just be
to this
than fantasy


Come, with integrity

of syntactical succulence
strategically selected
and splayed
in precision
pronouns sing
each vision
of pleasure
petals of prose

left pressing
firmly against breasts
of heaving breath
Dripping diction
depicting the depth
Erection of dialect
kept in clusters
of lusted lustre
directed into the core
feeding minds

Linguistics can twist
more than just letters
of a loving distraction
Time lapses
walls collapse in longing
of lapping up extra lashings
of alliterated delights
Barely aware
of loosened reigns
causing a character
to fall into the clutches
of an eviscerating
Alpha betty cull
All alignment
lost of intent
leaving an immensely
of readers
of life

Don’t think
I speak of other
as opposed to that of Eye
These curving consonants
that arch beneath my touch
vow to bow
with my placement
of an evocative vowel
Always sourcing ways
to awaken crave
Invoking thrilling ripples
with masterful manipulation
by masticating minds
until the pearls
burst in spurts
of lush stanzas
a deeply devoted
of dedication

of integrity
practically imperative
in reflection
since deflection
is rejection of respect
Self discovery
in seek of seeing
blindly believing
each and every
being is being
true to truth
Eyes of youth
grow in awe
as time stands
silently stroking
this pillared girth
of existence

I claim
each aching ejaculation
of my provocation
with a salivating
I own
my own hand
and play accordingly
Clean ups
of salacious sins
that spill
so very willingly
has me hold
each verse pursed
my responsibility
My aim
is to please
with syllables of tease
to breathe in
sins intoxicating scent

Come, with me


Shine On Award


I was awarded The Shine On Award by:

Words by Justin Case

~ These are my words, this is my journey

If I could boomerang this award, I would send it straight back to Justin.

His words, are always scribed directly from his kind heart, and he has to be one of the most supportive readers I’ve ever come across. A friend indeed.

Go read his words!!


1. Display the award logo on your blog.
2. Link back to the person who nominated you.
3. State 7 things about yourself
4. Nominate 15 other bloggers for this award and link to them.
5. Notify those bloggers of the nomination and the award requirements.


Ok… Some things you may or may not know…

1. I am a married mother of three sons, yep… Surrounded by boys. I was 16 when I first became a mother, and am now the shortest in the family. Hence, i have a plethora of ladies that keep me sane on a daily basis.

2. I dropped out of school at 15. No further education other than a short stint in fashion design, which lead me to my costuming passion. A path, I’m contemplating revisiting in the very near future. Oh, and books… I live with a dictionary, thesaurus, and a symbology book always on hand.

3. I live on 10 acres. I have nothing but hills, trees, and a huge amount of lawn to mow. Yes, I mow it! I have a 60″ wide grass eating monster that sends me into a ‘Forest Gump’ solitary bliss often. Too often…

4. I have been scribbling words since i can remember, usually in between my overpowering doodling habit, but it wasn’t until i found twitter, and expanded my sights to some amazing self publishers that I ever assumed this dream even possible. My dream, goal, desire… Is to publish. I’d like my stories out there one day, however, I’d really like to put together my poetry with my art and share more of me than words.

5. I am a seeker. I don’t believe we have one life, I don’t believe this life is all there is for us, I don’t believe there is only one person that can totally complete you, I don’t believe there is anything more rewarding than realizing that every thought or feeling you’ve had about somebody else, is a reflection on yourself. I do believe in love.

6. I am a tequila lover, slammers to be precise, that’s with a scotch on the side.. I am a friend to many, yet share with few, I trust any, until they decide they’re not worthy. I hate the mirror, and choose to spend as little time in front of it as i can, be that because I am not who it reflects, or i am, i don’t care really, as long as don’t have to look…. right now…

7. I am a word whore, I will spend the rest of my life devoted to these 26 twisted little characters, and strive each day, to make them mine.

I say this, even though, I believe everything has already been written. And much better than I…

All that being said, here are some people, that are the ones doing it…better….

My 15 nominations are…

This woman, has not only supported my journey into poetry, but she is one of the most soulful creatures I know. Her words strike a chord, above and beyond what I ever believed possible with such a limited use of words. Beth, IS a poetess.

Lisa has a piece of my heart, locked away, for eternity. This woman has inspiration oozing out of every pore, and I will collect every drip I can, just to taste some of her essence.

Two women, Julie and Kristen, that simply brightened my world as soon as I found theirs. They are friends, they are incredible authors, and they bring me characters to dream about… Just follow, read, and admire!!

An Alpha male, with a dripping pen… Enough said. Not to mention the soft heart that accompanies his firm hand.

What a journey this woman takes us on. At first, it was a seductive tale of a Dom and His ‘little one’ now, she has expanded into the realm of poetry. I am honoured to be sharing time and space with her, as I’m sure we will see publication in no time.

This is a woman that had me with her salaciously dripping diction, then sealed the deal with her totally seductive voice. I am inspired by her words, her power, and her path.

Merde, all I can say, is that this man, is indeed the shit!! I love how brutally honest his pen is, even to the point of excruciating pain. I devour his words, and feel every one of them.

Poetically sinful. What more could a word whore crave #ninewords

Now here is a man who has totally honed in on the erotic side of a tale or 11… and counting… What an inspiring author, and a truly friendly heart infused. I’d wear my best stockings for this guy any day!!

What a find this woman was… A beautiful depth that I truly admire. Words that not only make you feel, but that stay with you as you ponder.

A poet, of the soul. She feeds me, she inspires me, she delivers perfection, I bask, in awe.

A Dominant, a romantic, and words that He not only controls with pristine precision, but captures every heart that allows their eyes to scroll Him. Well… Swoon over Him.

She has words that just always leave you wanting more. Not to mention a body to die for 😉

This Bad Penny, is one that every reader should be devouring. Her strength, her kindness, and her passion just seeps from her…

Last, but far from least, is my very own poet. My husband. He has been absent for far too long from his blog, but I’m hoping this may inspire his return… Come on poet…. Write to me…


To all these Authors, writers, poets, and the ones I have undoubtedly left out, please know, you are inspiration, you are admired, you are adored, by me, and so many more.

Keep those pens flowing peoples… xx

Thank you for sharing my journey…

poetry challenge.

What an amazing collection of poetry, gathered and portrayed by an incredible woman.
To write poetry is what we all crave,
To have it read, is to be
‘Kissed by the lapping of the waves’
All thanks going to Beth, who is personally one of my fave poets, and Author of a sublime collection of poetry, Saudade.
I am truly humbled to call you my friend xx

the sacred road

check out this amazing collaboration of poets and their decadently diverse words. x

blurred lines. 

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I have no shame

I have
no shame
the bastard
asked for it

Nobody else
to blame
the fucker
had it coming

As I rest
where he lay
at my feet
cock still seeping

He lies next to
his deceit
her cunt
still dripping

I have
no shame
no more time
for stupid games

He knew
who I was
as I light
his last Cuban

He knew all along
what he was doing

How could he not
know that his cock
was in the wrong pocket

He had to have known
that I’d smell his lies

How could he not
know that I gripped
his now smoking pistol

I have
no shame
tipping his hat
adorning her pearls

Nobody else
to blame
I just did
what every
self respecting
girl deserves


He takes pictures

He takes pictures
that fill walls
all over
the world

I write my mind
with letters
that remain
in my diary

He takes pictures
with a camera
that stays strapped
to his neck

I draw images
with pastels
that cover
our floors

He takes pictures
of all he adores
capturing moments

I paint memories
of who we were
who we could be

He takes pictures
so many pictures

He takes pictures
of his muse
He takes pictures
of me