He takes pictures

He takes pictures
that fill walls
all over
the world

I write my mind
with letters
that remain
in my diary

He takes pictures
with a camera
that stays strapped
to his neck

I draw images
with pastels
that cover
our floors

He takes pictures
of all he adores
capturing moments

I paint memories
of who we were
who we could be

He takes pictures
so many pictures

He takes pictures
of his muse
He takes pictures
of me


6 thoughts on “He takes pictures

  1. Mike

    You render both as the subject of the others focus with economic use of language and a style that suggests an ordinary truth – whereas it actually is a very special link between both. Very well done.


  2. merdeomerde

    You captured in words the camera’s eye. The connection between the two, the magic that both create. Beautifully written. Xxhugs


  3. marcus

    Interesting write…
    Implies separate lives but connected.
    Sounds like a normal relationship
    In the end it comes together.

    ( btw, I’m stoned and trying to be cool lol…not working)



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