Kill the black butterflies

An erratic rock
Wails of sorrow
filling the musty air
Darkness lit dimly
by a lone swinging globe

His mind absent
before the sting
of raging blood
swam back through
his strangled throat

screaming agony
ripped him apart
Why can he feel
what should only be

He did everything
the right way
Waited for his parents
to lay down
Wrote his letter
with his broken
black crayon

pointing at him
for hurting words
he learned at home
for the death
of his ex best friend
Tied the noose
around his neck
Wet pants
clung to quivering legs
His piss stung
almost as much
as the strangers arms
that wrapped his teen frame

The voice
of his father
ringing in his ears
Words of worry
Love spilled through
his tears
A stranger
this father is
For the one
that he knew
threw words
of anger and hatred
straight into
his youth

To die
his only escape
only way
to stop the ripples
the waves
that these deadly poisonous
behaviours lace

did he save me
His only lone thought
My words killed
and his go uncaught

These worded butterflies
must be stopped
Their flutters
are deadly

He exhaled
his shallow breath
and laid
to rest
in the arms
of his father
His note
left floating
in the darkness
of this night
His parting message
‘Please kill the black butterflies’

4 thoughts on “Kill the black butterflies

  1. justincase1957

    “My words killed”

    This one … I just don’t have words. It is wrenching my heart and hitting me in the gut. Words hurt. Words kill. There is no place for bullies here, any social media, anywhere.

    Your words have power but you always use your words for good Megan. Thank you for sharing.


  2. Firm Hand Soft Heart

    Stunning in the most horrific of ways
    Words of a social conscience that should echo through continents
    Another example of why you words are loved and beloved by so many


  3. Firm Hand Soft Heart

    Reblogged this on afirmhandsoftheart and commented:
    This piece should be read by every parent, by every child across the world.
    A stunningly horrific piece that will pull at the heart strings of every human being



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