Monthly Archives: September 2013

Farewell my love

My pen
over this blank
taunting page
to be released
from their cage
My mind
to speak
on my hearts behalf
My heart
as our worlds
are torn apart
in a senseless
form of drivel
at my inability
to comprehend
my scribbles
tumultuous thoughts
of our sordid past
as to why
our sweet dreams
weren’t to last
Heaven knows
we worked
we tried
Hell knows
we fought
our sins
how we cried
It’s you
that needs
to know
to understand
My love
for all
we’ve shared
with joined hands
Never to wain
even when
our skies
turn to night
Through pain
even then
my love for you
will never die
I never
I’d be left
wondering why
All our hellos
had to end
with good bye
my love
as you travel forward
on your path
Be well
my love
take care
of that beautiful heart



Arched in antagonizing allure
ablaze in aching arousal
Blends of blissful bites
beckoned his bulging beauty
Cries of carnal cravings
collected in clenching caresses
Dangerously delving into deviance
decadent desires dripping delectably
Eager eyes evocatively engage
in exotic envy of erogenous energy
Flicks of fornicating fingers
flush fantasies into fascinated faces
Gently giving in to greedy gropes
grasping on gushing groans
Hedonism holding a heavy hand
heady hungers heeding helplessly
Intoxication induced inner itches
infusing indecent insights
Jubilant joyful jiggles
joining a juxtaposition of juices
Kindling kisses to keep
kinks of a kindred kind
Liquefying lusts in languid longing
limbering in lubricants of luscious
Merging moans of magnificence
mingled moisture molding memories
Naturally nocturnal natures
naked in a nymph nurture
Overcoming oral organs
oozing orgasmic orifices
Plunging into peaking penetration
provoking pouts of primal pleasure
Quivering quests quelled
quaking in quality quenches
Rises in ravished revel
recline in romances ride of reveal
Smoldering skins scintillated
Straddled in sated succumbing sighs
Tangled tongues tasting
throes of tantalized thrusts
Understandings uttered
in uniquely undulating urges
Viable vibrations venture
Veiled virtues violated victoriously
Wet whispers of wanton
wash in wistful waves
Xrated exhalation of exhilaration
existentially existing in exotics
Yielding to yesterdays yearning
Zealously zoned in zesty zen