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A solid foundation

The time
had come again
for him
to open his heart
years of clouded doubt
made each season
more shrouded
he took to his field
with his satchel
of coveted seeds
in perfect rows
he prayed
for no breeze

his soils
were richer
glowing in purer hues
He’d learned
to turn the earth
to protect
underlying truths
He knew
that without
his devout devotion
he’d lose
of strength beyond
his hold
stole his last muse

He now planted
each pearl
with a knowledge
of fertility
and waited
with a patience
ethereal and sainted
He knew
with each bloom
she grew
she wouldn’t leave
His love
with every blossom
he fought to breath
She bore fruits
in gratitude
for the life
he had gifted
Their limbs
tangled divinely
they lifted
They danced
into eternity
in blistered sun
beams of moon
Her foundation
so solid
perfectly sound
his elation grew

For he knew
that no gale force
could separate
their love
He knew
that their roots
buried deeper
than the beauty above


From cover to uncovered

She waited
in complete silence
in bated anticipation
at his eye level
with tales of elation

She was his favourite
she knew this
by the way
he stroked her spine
Deeply cherished
like a first kiss
that had transcended
hands of time

She was his
first love
his one and only
prized possession
Her patience
held his heart
every transgression

He caressed her
embraced her
traced each
of her curves
She openly sighed
as he owned her
every word

The tips
of his longing
flicked in knowing
He’d covered
every last inch
of her flesh
intensity growing

She parted
her inhibitions
laid herself bare
He coveted
her readiness
with eyes
of a hungry stare

She arched
in sweet succumb
his roaming thumbs
He delved
into new depths
with intent
to come undone

Her binds
to his soul
were more
than any mold
Their stories
of deviant sin
were printed
in italic bold

She knew
just as soon
as he gripped
his devoutly beloved
He’d complete her
devour her
and read repeatedly
from cover to uncovered


The Tweeples Piece

This piece is dedicated to my twitter timeline. Yesterday, I requested some fresh ideas, anything to get my pen flowing, and in doing so, I promised to incorporate each offering into one single piece. Here is what I was gifted with.

I truly hope I don’t disappoint.
Here it is…

The Tweeples Piece…

The mirror adored her, always has, mocked her even. Locks of golden hair that tumbled in bouncy beauty now swiftly restrained in a messy ponytail, she curled her lip, snarled at her reflection in her rear view, and hit the gas…
Where she was headed, not even she knew, as long as it was anywhere but here, that’s where she needed to be.
The radio in this old car never was loud enough to drown out her thoughts, but today, the music didn’t even reach her ears. Today, was the last fucking time she’d let a man deceive her, the final time she’d fall for a tailored suit and a million dollar smile. Never again, would she let herself get tangled in fresh linen sheets with one that spun them with his scorchingly seductive linguistics.
Nope… Never again!
Just like the last time… Sigh…
Shaking her head at her stupidity, her mind sinks into a moment, grade school, Tommy P… The dreamiest boy in class, slyly scripted love letters lead to sweet valentine kisses behind the bike sheds. And the next day, and the next… And the next, his lips were locking with buck toothed, scrawny arms, EX best friend, Penny!
Broken, shattered, found…
That, was the day Goofy entered her world. His name was Jack, but he never seemed phased by the name others had given him. Long and lean, a goofy smile that rarely broke, an underarm forever filled with books. He was the type of boy that kept to himself, and watched the world with an uplifted eyebrow, as if to say, what the fuck are you doing.
‘So, what the fuck are you doing?’
His long shadow blocked the blazing sun, his harsh words saved her from drowning in the pool of self pitiful tears.
‘Ummmm crying… And what’s it to you?’
That was it, they shared an easy smile, walked home in sounds of her constant babble, and his steady footsteps. Stopping directly outside her house, her confusion spoke.
‘How did you know where I live?’
Shifting his heavy stack of literature, he raised a single finger, aimed at the dark house next door, the one that instantaneously struck spine tingling shivers every time she allowed her eyes to remember it even existed.
‘You live….there?’
His goofy lip curled, as he turned to walk away. ‘Come’.

The summer sun beat down with a fury that matched her mind, the classic car purred into each corner along this road that held her, steered her from the crippling pain, to nowhere, just away. Picturesque mountain peaks lost in shadows of her clouded mind, the deep valleys shallowed in compare to her tumultuous thoughts. Her boiling rage reminded her of ‘that Halloween’.

Trick or treating was fun, when fueled with a few swigs of vodka. A playboy bunny tail swished with her slinky sway, no fine detail could be spared when the schools most sought after hottie, Chad, was due to be on your doorstep at any minute. Candy collecting kids filled the streets, spooks and ghouls screaming for the sake of the thrill. A haunting night, if treated right. A dark corner, a horny teenager, an alcoholic heat, a tights tearing reality. Chad turned, in the blink of an eye, from a nice guy, into a forcefield her waving arms could not contain. A rampant thrust of lust her petite yet buxom frame could not warn away. He was animal, a carnal beast, hurting her was the least of his concerns.
And then, nothing.
A silent room, dimly lit by flickers of soft gold. A throbbing ache covering her entire body halted her escape, eyes scanning the room for some familiarity. And there it was, a wall of books, some scattered on the side tables, others piled on the floor. She, once again, was in the home of Goofy.
‘Welcome back’ a deep voice jolted her sore form, it came from a corner that sat almost completely shadowed from light.
‘How did I get here?’
‘Never mind.’
What happened to…’
‘Never mind.’ His tone cut the air like a knife that knew of no resistance.
She had no more questions.
The night was spent, with stories of centuries old, poetry recited through his well versed lips, chills of gripping delight, tales of titillating torture. He claimed her mind, with a powerful rush of knowledge, understanding and a steamy mug, of intoxicatingly rich hot chocolate. He read to her in an elated tone of the 7 deadly sins, witches slipping drops of poison from hidden vials abreast, she then took turn and found a beautifully bound Anais Nin. He let his fingers comb through her long hair, as they laughed through words scripted to entice, to desire, to quiver and scare. The ghostly night of hallows eve drifted by them as if the sunlight peeking through the curtains of dawn was the norm.

The sun was now preparing to rest, she’d been driving for hours on end. A refuel of her body and car found her soft smile at the brief memories she shared with that goofy boy from next door. He’d saved her, protected her in times of aching despair. He’d taught her to believe that her beauty was more than skin deep. He promised her that one day she’d finally know just how worthy she was of the love she longed for, yearned to feel, sought to live. Her eyes pooled, as she once again began to drive. Silly fool was she to believe a stupid goofy boy with too many books to read. Look at her now, a decade between, in the car, headed nowhere due to love once again being nothing but a farce. Everything, everyone she’d let in, allowed to see her, had used her, abused her, torn her down and left behind the pieces. Yes, a fool she was to believe in goofy dreams.
A cold moon crested, as full as the wolves would devour with howls. Her fingers found comfort as they began to fiddle with her fine string of pearls.

‘You’re leaving today, upon a journey toward your destiny’ He whispered in her ear as he stepped in close enough for her to feel the heat of his breath.
‘It’s just college, Goofy, not a worldly expedition’ she giggled at his touch as he gently turned her to face the mirror.
‘Oh they’re beautiful. Just superb’
‘They’re mine, and will remain that way.’ He replied sternly.
Her eyes found his in their reflected caress. Puzzled, she traced the perfect strand of allure with a light brush.
‘These are pearls of pain and pleasure, my treasure. You may wear them but in doing so, you too, are mine.’
Her laugh was enough to wake the living dead, her head thrown back onto his broad shoulder.
‘Oh Goofy, how your twisted mind pleases me.’ She spun on her heel sweeping delicate kisses on his cheeks.
‘Good bye dear poet, write me sometime.’
That was the final sweet moment they’d shared as friends, the door closing behind her. They were, no more.

Butterflies fluttered in her stomach, her heart was skipping beats. Her car came to a halt, before she even knew where she was. The darkness drenched in a light dew, masked the streetlights in an eerie hue. She peeked through her window, only to see that familiar dark house. Laughing aloud at the ridiculous notion that firstly, she was here, not to mention it had been ten years. There’s no way! Not a chance in scolding hell…
Her steps up the path were quivering with anticipation. She finally understood what he meant when they last met. Her mind no longer strained to believe, her body no more felt the grip of fear. She knew, without doubt, she was destined to be here.
A quiet knock, lightly bit her knuckles. A flicked light above startled her stance. A long slow squeak of the door, revealed a tall, dark, handsome man.
‘You’re here?’ She whispered as if the breath was stolen from her lungs.
‘I knew you’d return. Now, come.’
He gripped her wrists with an almighty tug, lifting them both directly above her panting mouth. Pinned beneath the boy so poetically goofy, and the walls that had seen the strong man he’d always been.
Here, lived her dream.
His claim, her freedom.


Oh… And fuck you….

The title may not be graceful, but it does ring true…

Many of you have noticed a change in my words of late.
Some have shown concern, thank you, and yes, I’m fine.
Others have stopped following my journey, because my tongue doesn’t curl so freely over their diction anymore…
That, has been an extremely deliberate alteration.
I’ve never lied of my desires to feed from your inspiration, and return to you my own words that surfaced, in kind…
However, due to certain (behind the curtain) gossip… I was forced to stop this. I have been accused of many things, being a bitch, a whore, a liar, a watchoutshesgoingtochewyouupandspityouout user, and to all those people, I say, fuck you *throws up my middle finger*

I write, I want to write erotica, yet when I pen it in practice form on the timeline, I get haters reading the words as if they should be, were, weren’t, to them…
So, I write pain, I get haters, reading the words again, as if it’s to them…
So, I write of the power of being a woman, I get haters, wanting to tear me down from my confident pedestal…
You know what… FUCK YOU!!

I pride myself on being kind of like Michelle Pheiffer in Dangerous Minds, where she gives everybody an A and it’s their job to keep it…
Well… I’ve seen too many women and men in this twittersphere carrying forward their high school traits of jealousy and backstabbing…
Damn, all I took from school, was my hot little uniform…
Things have changed…
Concerns are now heard as information collection, so don’t even bother.
Hate of any kind will now be blocked. No questions.
I will now be looking upon you all as avis who write.
The people, lives, experiences, behind the words are of no concern to me, and I ask that you do the same…
When I look at the timeline…
I will see….

Wondrous words ~ on a scrollable screen #sixJustAsItIswords

If my words are not worthy of you reading… Move on… Find another.

My care factor, has exited
Stage Left

Curtain call…..


When I want to believe…

When I want to believe…
I read…

A single deep breath
exhaled in surrender
as my fingers caress
fresh covers tender

Upon parting pages
filled with others ink
I prepare my mind
to delve in and sink

Worlds beyond words
encompass me whole
my human form stilled
my imagination controlled

I am the fairytale princess
the golden haired Belle
I am the wicked witch
conjuring swirling spells

I am the distressed damsel
in need of knighted savior
I am the kinky delinquent
punished for her behavior

I am the warm breeze
sweeping lost lovers cheeks
I am the arching bough
of the willow that speaks

I am the ticking hand
the clock that never stops
I am the broken heart
that tumbles as it drops

I am the raging tide
claiming squeals as I rise
I am the deck of cards
I am the game and the prize

I am the screams of terror
the shivered skin is mine
I am the aching desire
beads of sweat salted divine

I am the poem
the letters the verse the script
I am the muse
the reason your heart just skipped

I am a true believer
umbrella’d by a toadstool
wings of sheer magic
I am a writers perfect fool

I am the flesh
your quill luxuriously spills upon
I am the music
the notes the instrument the song

I give in to the words
benefit of all doubt
my smile my laugh
my tears my pout

I hand over my soul
every beat of my heart
It’s you that now owns me
to the end… From the start

When I want to believe…
I read…


I’m taking you with me

‘It’s been too long
since you visited me’
Her wide eyes
filled with tears
as her tiny arms
clung to my neck
‘I’ve been busy my love
but I’m here, let’s just be’
My tight squeeze
as I place her
back down to her feet
‘You lied to me
you said I’d be fine
Nobody would hurt me
no more tears
no more pain
no more
you promised
no more’
Her perfect little hand
cupped in mine
swinging in time
with her youthful step
‘I know, I lied
But only about the tears
I never knew
how much I’d cry
and as for the pain
that happens
when you open your heart
to let another inside
The worst hurt though
is the agony
of when you’re alone
When there’s no other
to smile for
to lie for
that is the time
where you’ll do your most
Round eyes of hope
quickly filled with fear
her perfect pout
began to quiver
I cut in
to the silence
of our stride
‘Remember that time
when you got lost
in the forest
and closed your eyes
and something inside
spoke to your scared mind?
Remember that time
when your dreams
returned you there
night after night
and your screams
woke your fears?’
My voice softened
as her 8 year old hand
fell from my hold
‘Those dreams stopped
you know
only two weeks ago’
Her eyes filled
with a determined glow
‘Yes, my love
that’s why I am here
to ask you to remember
the immense power
you portrayed
Those sweaty dreams
your terrified screams
your fear of falling asleep
knowing he’d find you
chase you
through darkness
that never ceased
until your terror
had mum
rocking you awake’
Her smile grew
a relief swept her cheeks
She knew
exactly what she did
‘I faced him
I stopped running
I let him capture me
I fully gave in
He only wanted me
when I was afraid
When the chase
was fueled by my fear
my drenching tears
He only wanted me
when I fought
and you know
he disappeared
like a black ghost
when I let him
take me’
laced with understanding
again had her tiny hand
swing to our steps
‘Please baby,
listen to me
that’s all the memory
you’ll need
to free
from any bind
that life finds
in your strength
your ability
to face your fears
no matter how black
they appear
to them
give in
but don’t give up
I may have fibbed
about the tears
but I promise
will be alright’
Lowering to my knees
cupping plump cheeks
in between my aging hands
Looking deeply
into the eyes
of my own
youthful Self
‘You’re ready’
I whispered
into her pooling blues
‘You’re leaving me again’
‘No, my love
not this time
I’m taking you with me
to face these demons
of mine’


I give it 5 stars!

I give it 5 stars!!

Isn’t that what we all want to say?
Your book was a masterfully crafted piece of supreme literature that should be revered globally!
Originality, deliverance, execution…

Here lies my woe.
Ok, by no means am I anybody who’s anybody when it comes to the literary universe.
I’m an uneducated, embarrassingly under read, unpublished, word player…
I have no accredited authority to judge, nor a vast knowledge when it comes to the importance of a book review.

This here post, may very well offend, even sever ties. That’s assuming it’s even read.

Here goes nothing.

My kindle, not to mention bookshelves is abound with collections of works, ranging from unpublished newbies, through to novels by Hemingway and the poetic tongue of Lady Nin…
That, gives me nothing.
Not when it all comes down to giving a book review.
Now, on a literary front, I ache to offer some guidance in timing, placement, cadence if you will.
I won’t.
If you didn’t love your piece, and the way it read, you wouldn’t have sent it out as ready to review. Would you?
Again, who am I to correct…?
Then comes the moralistic front, I fucking adore you, the person you, the prospective author you, the battler, the inspirer, the get up each day slave away despite realities pull, remaining fixed on your insatiable intention to live inside your made up world write! write! write! you, the you that is doing it, the you that knows there is a story to tell, the you that breathes through each tear of wordless despair, the you that has pages stuck together by the rings of yesterday’s ten cups of insanely strong coffee you…
How have YOU not already earned my 5 star rating?
I’m in fucking awe! Complete awe!

But what if the story is underwritten?
The plot in need of a little thickening?
The structure is sound but it grows a little wonky with each page turned?
What if the book is not my cup o tea?
Just not for me?
What then?
Do I give it a 5 star review on the basis that I’d still buy it, place it forever in my kindle library, purely to assist your journey, in this ever populating realm of ‘everybody longs to be published’?
Do I mask my true opinion
with raving squeals of support?
Because honestly
I want nothing more
than to see you succeed.

So I ask myself this, upon the time, that is slowly approaching, what would I want from those I offer my prose, to read, to digest, to review?

Honestly? Honesty.

Damn, if my book is not worthy of you turning the pages till there are none.
If my storyline lacks lustre and could offer more
If my characters are boring, my visuals cloudy, my writing deplorable, I’d want to know.
I’m learning.
In saying this, I know we each have different tastes, alternate ways to string these bemusing things into syllables of linguistic verse.
I curse words I’ve written long ago, for being malnourished, undercooked, incomprehensible at times. Until I smile, at the knowledge of my youth, finally meeting her match, in a womans growth.

I won’t lie, I’d lie…
I’d push your words with all that I have.
I’d wish you the world on a silver platter.
I’d promote it, implore more to read it.
Help you, to sell you, assist you in your growing dream.
I want you, to be a household name.
I want you to be truly acclaimed.

I feel ashamed.
Sink back into my own dark place, berating myself for the fact that I’ve known of better books, yet pushed yours as the best.
Surely, there’s a known alibi among literary friends, that gives you a little bending room to totally blow a waft of supportive smoke, stroke a needing ego?
Before the reviews of strangers come through in waves of truth.
Perhaps, it’ll be a hit, and my review will be perfectly reflected.

So…. With all that said and done, where do I go from here?

Back into the shadows, with my over active, under tamed, insane mind.
Unscrambling these highly coveted letters.
Hoping one day, you’ll give me your true review.

Even if all the stars
belong to other hearts
Even if the truth
will undeniably bruise
Even if you wished
it was different to this
I’d want it still
Help me earn my quill


Poetry Challenge by Megan Kay

Thank you Debra, for the opportunity to share words across the oceans. Such a wonderful variety of poetry… Visit

Words across the Oceans


Words across the oceans
Her pen
upon parchments
filling large rooms
with empty
Her heart
that her drying ink
belonged with him
but remained
A waking
swept her cheeks
and led her feet
to her
A breaking
caressed her cries
launching her words
the ocean
She waited
in silence
for the warm sun
to sink with her dreams
to be
She curled
in darkness
never more alone
her only hopes
floated away
one moment
struck her like lightening
as the moon rose
He heard
her call
upon passions waves
He returned her love
in full glow
© Megan Kay (2013)

# Megan Kay 


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The results are in! Word Challenge #1

Such a wonderful display of many minds at work. A great idea Justin. Thanks x

Words by Justin Case

Word Challenge #1 was a rousing success!

To recap. I wondered what words would people come up with given the same picture? I asked people to compose a passage that they felt told a compelling story and complimented the picture I had chosen.

I received thirteen entries and every one of them were simply amazing! I think everyone deserves a round of applause! Please check out their profiles and blog sites.

Here are the entries in the order they were received.

~~~~~ #1 ~~~~~
By sweet k


~~~~~ #2 ~~~~~
By Jessa


~~~~~ #3 ~~~~~
By Caroline ‏


~~~~~ #4 ~~~~~
By Megan Kay


~~~~~ #5 ~~~~~
By Cath


~~~~~ #6 ~~~~~
By A Red Violet


~~~~~ #7 ~~~~~
By Just Kaylen


~~~~~ #8 ~~~~~
By Ann Marie


~~~~~ #9 ~~~~~
By Crimson Skies



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I make mistakes

I laugh
when somebody blunders
I often wonder why

I cry
when another is hurting
I never ask, just cry

I speak
when I should be silent
A lesson I’m not sure I’ll ever learn

I run
when the pain gets too much
A burden I prefer to burn alone

I bite
when I believe I’m right
I scream
when I’m losing a fight
I say
whatthefuckever is on my mind
I do apologise
when the time is right

I push
when perhaps I shouldn’t
I pull
the past into present
I use
my memories as a bank
I abuse
my body when I should thank

I toy
with my own emotions
I bask
in mythical reflections
I annoy
when I’m left unanswered
I ask
too many questions

I play
games that I need saving from
I dream
larger than the world around me
I love
harder than I’m comfortable with
I believe
in too many words I read

I fight
for the right to be heard
I hate
when I am misinterpreted
I judge
myself more than any other
I doubt
who I am and hide undercover

I am
who I am
that’s all I can be
I am
each of my mistakes
I own them, they’re me