I make mistakes

I laugh
when somebody blunders
I often wonder why

I cry
when another is hurting
I never ask, just cry

I speak
when I should be silent
A lesson I’m not sure I’ll ever learn

I run
when the pain gets too much
A burden I prefer to burn alone

I bite
when I believe I’m right
I scream
when I’m losing a fight
I say
whatthefuckever is on my mind
I do apologise
when the time is right

I push
when perhaps I shouldn’t
I pull
the past into present
I use
my memories as a bank
I abuse
my body when I should thank

I toy
with my own emotions
I bask
in mythical reflections
I annoy
when I’m left unanswered
I ask
too many questions

I play
games that I need saving from
I dream
larger than the world around me
I love
harder than I’m comfortable with
I believe
in too many words I read

I fight
for the right to be heard
I hate
when I am misinterpreted
I judge
myself more than any other
I doubt
who I am and hide undercover

I am
who I am
that’s all I can be
I am
each of my mistakes
I own them, they’re me


12 thoughts on “I make mistakes

  1. canuslupus420

    its wonderful to look at oneself with honesty and love. its the loving of self that wipes away that which we beleive to be faults. there are no faults…just challenges to improve and smile and be happy. love this piece.



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