The results are in! Word Challenge #1

Such a wonderful display of many minds at work. A great idea Justin. Thanks x

Words by Justin Case

Word Challenge #1 was a rousing success!

To recap. I wondered what words would people come up with given the same picture? I asked people to compose a passage that they felt told a compelling story and complimented the picture I had chosen.

I received thirteen entries and every one of them were simply amazing! I think everyone deserves a round of applause! Please check out their profiles and blog sites.

Here are the entries in the order they were received.

~~~~~ #1 ~~~~~
By sweet k


~~~~~ #2 ~~~~~
By Jessa


~~~~~ #3 ~~~~~
By Caroline ‏


~~~~~ #4 ~~~~~
By Megan Kay


~~~~~ #5 ~~~~~
By Cath


~~~~~ #6 ~~~~~
By A Red Violet


~~~~~ #7 ~~~~~
By Just Kaylen


~~~~~ #8 ~~~~~
By Ann Marie


~~~~~ #9 ~~~~~
By Crimson Skies



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