When I want to believe…

When I want to believe…
I read…

A single deep breath
exhaled in surrender
as my fingers caress
fresh covers tender

Upon parting pages
filled with others ink
I prepare my mind
to delve in and sink

Worlds beyond words
encompass me whole
my human form stilled
my imagination controlled

I am the fairytale princess
the golden haired Belle
I am the wicked witch
conjuring swirling spells

I am the distressed damsel
in need of knighted savior
I am the kinky delinquent
punished for her behavior

I am the warm breeze
sweeping lost lovers cheeks
I am the arching bough
of the willow that speaks

I am the ticking hand
the clock that never stops
I am the broken heart
that tumbles as it drops

I am the raging tide
claiming squeals as I rise
I am the deck of cards
I am the game and the prize

I am the screams of terror
the shivered skin is mine
I am the aching desire
beads of sweat salted divine

I am the poem
the letters the verse the script
I am the muse
the reason your heart just skipped

I am a true believer
umbrella’d by a toadstool
wings of sheer magic
I am a writers perfect fool

I am the flesh
your quill luxuriously spills upon
I am the music
the notes the instrument the song

I give in to the words
benefit of all doubt
my smile my laugh
my tears my pout

I hand over my soul
every beat of my heart
It’s you that now owns me
to the end… From the start

When I want to believe…
I read…


21 thoughts on “When I want to believe…

  1. Philip Wardlow

    I read as well be to be inspired…but I also above observe as well….(like a voyeur would). Dynamics between can beautiful and ugly in a multitude of facets but you learn some faithful valuable from both


      1. Megan Kay's Blog Post author

        I hate to approach you here, but it’s my only means… For some reason I’m unable to follow, star, retweet your gifted words on the tl… I’m @_MeganKay_ yet, seem to be blocked… Have I offended you somehow? If so, I truly apologize x


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