Oh… And fuck you….

The title may not be graceful, but it does ring true…

Many of you have noticed a change in my words of late.
Some have shown concern, thank you, and yes, I’m fine.
Others have stopped following my journey, because my tongue doesn’t curl so freely over their diction anymore…
That, has been an extremely deliberate alteration.
I’ve never lied of my desires to feed from your inspiration, and return to you my own words that surfaced, in kind…
However, due to certain (behind the curtain) gossip… I was forced to stop this. I have been accused of many things, being a bitch, a whore, a liar, a watchoutshesgoingtochewyouupandspityouout user, and to all those people, I say, fuck you *throws up my middle finger*

I write, I want to write erotica, yet when I pen it in practice form on the timeline, I get haters reading the words as if they should be, were, weren’t, to them…
So, I write pain, I get haters, reading the words again, as if it’s to them…
So, I write of the power of being a woman, I get haters, wanting to tear me down from my confident pedestal…
You know what… FUCK YOU!!

I pride myself on being kind of like Michelle Pheiffer in Dangerous Minds, where she gives everybody an A and it’s their job to keep it…
Well… I’ve seen too many women and men in this twittersphere carrying forward their high school traits of jealousy and backstabbing…
Damn, all I took from school, was my hot little uniform…
Things have changed…
Concerns are now heard as information collection, so don’t even bother.
Hate of any kind will now be blocked. No questions.
I will now be looking upon you all as avis who write.
The people, lives, experiences, behind the words are of no concern to me, and I ask that you do the same…
When I look at the timeline…
I will see….

Wondrous words ~ on a scrollable screen #sixJustAsItIswords

If my words are not worthy of you reading… Move on… Find another.

My care factor, has exited
Stage Left

Curtain call…..


21 thoughts on “Oh… And fuck you….

      1. prewitt1970

        Your welcome, I’m a firm believer of one being able to write and speak freely here on WP. I will always defend that ( your ) right to do so freely and openly


  1. Angel Hawk

    You have to feel good about yourself first,that’s what they keep telling me,so…you’re absolutely right! I admire you for standing up for yourself like that! 💋


  2. georgeforfun

    Desirably, decadently delicious, Milady. Indeed, sometimes you just have to say it. Eloguently or otherwise for those that don’t understand multi-worded sentences. )))))))))))))))))))))))) xox


  3. Jedizaugg

    I am so behind on reading blogs I follow. This is a beautiful post. And all I gotta say is… You do your thing, because it is what defines you and makes you who you are, a beautiful woman. I don’t know you, I READ you and follow you on Twitter. But keep doing you. Please. Because that’s all that should matter. – Alan (Jedizaugg)



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