A solid foundation

The time
had come again
for him
to open his heart
years of clouded doubt
made each season
more shrouded
he took to his field
with his satchel
of coveted seeds
in perfect rows
he prayed
for no breeze

his soils
were richer
glowing in purer hues
He’d learned
to turn the earth
to protect
underlying truths
He knew
that without
his devout devotion
he’d lose
of strength beyond
his hold
stole his last muse

He now planted
each pearl
with a knowledge
of fertility
and waited
with a patience
ethereal and sainted
He knew
with each bloom
she grew
she wouldn’t leave
His love
with every blossom
he fought to breath
She bore fruits
in gratitude
for the life
he had gifted
Their limbs
tangled divinely
they lifted
They danced
into eternity
in blistered sun
beams of moon
Her foundation
so solid
perfectly sound
his elation grew

For he knew
that no gale force
could separate
their love
He knew
that their roots
buried deeper
than the beauty above


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