From cover to uncovered

She waited
in complete silence
in bated anticipation
at his eye level
with tales of elation

She was his favourite
she knew this
by the way
he stroked her spine
Deeply cherished
like a first kiss
that had transcended
hands of time

She was his
first love
his one and only
prized possession
Her patience
held his heart
every transgression

He caressed her
embraced her
traced each
of her curves
She openly sighed
as he owned her
every word

The tips
of his longing
flicked in knowing
He’d covered
every last inch
of her flesh
intensity growing

She parted
her inhibitions
laid herself bare
He coveted
her readiness
with eyes
of a hungry stare

She arched
in sweet succumb
his roaming thumbs
He delved
into new depths
with intent
to come undone

Her binds
to his soul
were more
than any mold
Their stories
of deviant sin
were printed
in italic bold

She knew
just as soon
as he gripped
his devoutly beloved
He’d complete her
devour her
and read repeatedly
from cover to uncovered


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