I hardly believe it’s for forever
Yet I’m almost hopeful it is
The timeline has stolen my mind
For far too many days and nights

I have no amount of will
To not tweet whenever
about whatever
So I needed to kill
the link between me
and my insanity

I am available
to those who wish to keep in touch
If you know me
you also know how to find me
Just in case you’re interested
in my luv for adventures x

I am unavailable
to those who have persisted
with mind fucks
Nor am I interested
in the awful gossip
that is currently running rampant

I have no doubt
I will return one day
Until then
I’m searching
for something
To touch
To clutch
To cherish
To adore

Above all
To love

Take care of you
That’s all I ask
And please….
Read the words
As written, as they are
Avoid reading between them
It’s a mind altering trap…
A web that entwines
the most diligent of minds
before they’re even aware
of the heart breaking binds

Take care of you
Be true to who you are
That’s all I’m doing
My twittercide is not me dying
Rather finding
My life…

Time to create my own world
of woven worded wonder….

* Enjoy the Journey *

All ways
Megan Kay


26 thoughts on “Twittercide

  1. stgreenie

    I applaud your courage for kicking this addiction…I feel Twitter in spite of it being an excellent outlet really is a black hole that draws us away from real life personal interaction…Best of luck in the outside world πŸ˜‰


  2. Kali Anthony

    Will miss your beautiful words on my time line but understand what you say. Live and love life, and I will continue to follow your writing with interest, wherever I find it.


  3. georgeforfun

    Just remember to read the small print. It says “You can’t disappear without notifying Georgie WELL in advance.” You know his old ticker is, after all, old. )))))))))))))))))))) Glad you will be keeping blog. I wish you LIFE & LOVE & HAPPINESS ABUNDANTLY. georgie


    1. Megan Kay's Blog Post author

      Oh George… You are too kind for words!! Sincere apologies for the swift exit, but sometimes, the breeze needs to sweep in and deliberately close a door in trust that another opens… Your gifts are gorgeous, cherished, thank you… And I promise, when the time comes, I won’t sit out, I will dance xx


  4. juststeve71

    Reblogged this on Just Plain Me and commented:
    Twitter has lost a certain glow, shine.
    It’s true it’s just not the same without you
    But I totally understand why you had to get away, if you were suffering so much on there, then you have done the right thing for you and who could anything but the best for such an amazing woman xx
    You will never be forgotten xx



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