Go Megan, it’s your Blogday!

Yet another entry
of my worded world
my scribed life
my poetic unknowns
my eclectic writes

66 countries
of wide worldly eyes
including their minds
with mine

1 year
365 days
117 posts
66 countries
That’s a whole lot of spanking right there!!

Makes Megan Kay
feel the need
to cuddlefuck you all!!!

Blown away
by the velocity of love
shared by each word offered
in response to drips from my pen

Time and time again
my life finds it’s way
onto these blog pages
in hope that it’s release
will bring my mind peace
Sometimes I click send
through firmly gritted teeth
my personal worthiness
often not feeling complete
And there you are
catching my fall
using your time
to scroll what’s mine
making it yours

Blown away
by your sheer generosity
You leave me humbled
in deeply puddled gratitude

I began this blog to battle the restraints of those strangling 140 character limits…
Little did I know, think, believe, any of you would ever read me…
I’m not a poet, nor a writer of any kind, I do though have a steamy infatuation with the curves of each letter I find, I have fought not to rhyme, my mums voice chiming in the back of my mind, binding my tongue at times, grinding behind my twitching thumbs, so, I’ve occasionally hidden my incessant addiction in flinging some forged forms of alliteration appreciation.
A little story here and there, has kept me from believing I’ve dropped the ball completely. Really, I told myself I’d have a book by now, and that is far from my reality. You see, the timeline, and the people that visit daily totally owned me. Not only while I was finding beauty in the world to share, yet in my dreams, be them asleep or upon open eyes, I needed, I craved, I yearned, ached, painstakingly, to find… You…
I scrolled, read, shed words of blood red, all in order to woo, to reach beyond the puddles that divided, I sent letters, of desire, hoping to inspire, I uncorked the bottle of my emotions, unbeknown your potions had been cast, and I, was spellbound. Drowned.
Last week, I found a crack, in the dark room that had me encased. I traced it, with fingertips that were laced with the chill of our last kiss.
That, was it.
Time, for me, had ceased.
The walls of worn pages all seemed to crease and crumble, I myself tumbled to my knees, not in grief, however, sheer relief.
Fuck! I’m free…

This week… Damn I miss you all!
I miss sharing my scotch o’clock with your morning coffee.
I miss reading of your triumphant wins against the battles with your shadows.
I miss the laughter, the hugs through tears, the dancing the swooning the deviantly delicious musing.
I miss my words touching, tangling, tasting yours.
I miss… Well… I miss you all!

Thank you, for being my addiction!
Thank you for feeding my insatiable hunger for this literary curse.
Thank you for your encouragement and support for all that I’ve gone through.
Thank you, for being… You
And allowing me, to be me x

Now, I’m not on the timeline, and if I was, I’d totally pimp the hell out of my blog this week… So, consider yourself lucky *cheshire grin*

Instead, I’m going to list a few of my personal faves…
I hope you enjoy x

Oh, one last thing….
@_MeganKay_ may not exist
but she is indeed alive and inspired xxx
(Not to mention totally batshit crazy speaking of herself in third person)

Lie to me poet

His power

Balancing Act

My moon


Between two minds

Upon ripened eyes

Beyond words

I want

I’m taking you with me


I adored every second of how this one came to be! Thank you x
The Tweeples Piece

Come, with integrity

And just for shits n giggles…
A little holiday joy… *winks*

Merry Christmas Handsome

Happy New Ye….s. Right There

See you soon…
Love to you and yours x

8 thoughts on “Go Megan, it’s your Blogday!

  1. justincase1957

    “Thank you, for being my addiction!
    Thank you for feeding my insatiable hunger for this literary curse.
    Thank you for your encouragement and support for all that I’ve gone through.
    Thank you, for being… You”

    You took the words right out of my mouth. 😉

    Happy blogday. I’m looking forward to many more years of your words.



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