Nothing is Devine

Be it due to no twitter
or just blatant boredom
Be it me, being a bitch
or just feeling argumentative
But, there is one thing
that lies beneath my skin
making me itch
grit my teeth
stirring snarls of disdain
causes a serious brain pain…


Now I know I have a tendency
to be literally literarily snobbish at times
I find rhymes to be sublime
although many won’t agree
I often write cryptically
almost indecipherably
I am reliant
upon finding words
be they new to me
or well rehearsed
to express my journey
as best as each moment sees

I know, I myself
have undoubtedly placed
a their where a there
should have been
A were where a we’re
could have explained what I mean
Which witch is which
Yeah, that to, too, two tutu?
But one word that irks
my skin to crawl
beyond all others


Please, allow me to explain
The word itself
has surely earned it’s space
Sheer utter utmost supremacy
Holding a Godly stance
and altered at just a glance
to being so loosely situated
in a disrespecting manner
Like a sin tainted spanner
rammed beneath the spokes
of a heavenly bound bicycle
How can it be built for two?


There is nothing so unrefined
as a soul spilling upon pages
in a search for deeper learning
seeking a higher ascension
yearning for worldly perfection
Yet wording, complete rejection
of the single most powerful word
the solely described worthiness
the holiest of poetic verse
and misspelling divine….

It literally hurts my eyes

Ok, so I’m without inspiration
at a loss due to my disassociation
Begging myself to not click
that beacon button of reinstate
So today, all I have to say
is how much I fucking hate
reading word worshipers
who are unable to find
a synonymous line to scribe
as to not totally tarnish
the gloriousness
the purity
the sacred divinity
of divine

*breathes….and giggles*

11 thoughts on “Nothing is Devine

  1. steve green (@stgreenie)

    Perhaps devine is a British spelling of the word?? ..Many of my favourite Brits, who usually have great senses of humour, take offence and harbour ill will til they realise I’m just another snobby Yank who feel we be the centre of the spelling Universe..


  2. Mike

    Angelic celestial eternal heavenly holy marvelous mystical sacred spiritual supernatural transcendent wonderful almighty anointed consecrated exalted hallowed sanctified superlative all-powerful ambrosial beatific beautiful blissful deific deistic excellent glorious godly and note that I can type in alphabetical order.



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