Please…. Kiss her….

Ok… So I’ve been having a few discussions with friends of late…
Not to mention kissed my fair share of frogs…
I will admit, that although my needs may have altered with age, the fundamentals I believe, remain…

When it comes to first kisses
there’s a plethora of variations
so calculations quickly become void
or do they…?

Now I’m speaking from a womans
perspective, because, well… I am
and I come from a place of my opinions
not one of some higher authority
although, I am, a fucking good kisser
*giggles and bites lip*

First tip
Yes, tip
Now, unless you’ve been slammed
hard up against a cubicle wall
or thrown down onto a bed in a seedy hotel
then their throat
is not where your tongue
needs to seek
Keep it clean
Speaking of walls
that leads to the hands
no ass grasping
is gonna get you another date
if you’re already against said wall
and it is your first kiss
I wouldn’t expect a call
just take, now, that is all…

But if she smiles
because you spoke
if she listens
to your breaths
if she laughs
just because
she couldn’t go
a single moment
without showing you
how happy she is
then this kiss
truly becomes
Do or Die
Sorry guys
There’s no easy way to put this
A first kiss
can not be reversed
every woman knows this
nor can it be rehearsed
it must be worthy
of her hearts flutter
it must be sensual
as if there’s never been another
it must be slowly approached
a gentle cheek stroked
perhaps a thumb
brushing the pout
that parts in succumb
it must be passionate
split seconds turned into eternity
it must be gifted
for if it’s taken
she won’t even fake
her blatant disinterest
it must be warmly caressed
fingertips lightly finding her hair
it must be close
yet not overdosed
with carnal greed
that there
is for date number…. We’ll see…
It must be seductive
lean in and inhale
her very essence
it must be productive
don’t linger longer
than she’s willing to wait
it must be toe curling
her body needs to know
that every fucking nerve ending
will surely explode
if you don’t kiss her… Now!
It must be hungry
yet not famished
she’s not to be savagely ravaged
tempt her thirst
by offering less
tease her first
by passing her tests
Please her
that is your only rule
this first kiss
will lead you straight in
to her mind
her heart
her core
or… Home.. Yours…. Alone….
Please her
this kiss is not about you
sure, a girl may take you
but a woman needs
to know
that her man
that she is his
to be pleased
Please her…. Please….

I don’t believe
there’s such thing as a bad kisser
I’m more inclined
to see kissing as a personality
and as we all know
not all people are compatible
Somebody will want
to feel like they just kissed
a groping octopus
stuck in a washing machine
I’m sure of it
it just won’t be me
So… All I can say
if you want her to stay
kiss her thoughts
into yours…



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