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Come, with integrity

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of syntactical succulence
strategically selected
and splayed
in precision
pronouns sing
each vision
of pleasure
petals of prose

left pressing
firmly against breasts
of heaving breath
Dripping diction
depicting the depth
Erection of dialect
kept in clusters
of lusted lustre
directed into the core
feeding minds

Linguistics can twist
more than just letters
of a loving distraction
Time lapses
walls collapse in longing
of lapping up extra lashings
of alliterated delights
Barely aware
of loosened reigns
causing a character
to fall into the clutches
of an eviscerating
Alpha betty cull
All alignment
lost of intent
leaving an immensely
of readers
of life

Don’t think
I speak of other
as opposed to that of Eye
These curving consonants
that arch beneath my touch
vow to bow
with my placement
of an evocative vowel
Always sourcing…

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When all is said… I’m done…

When does my responsibility end?
Is it when I put down my pen?
Is it when I click send?
Or is that just the beginning, again?

I have been on twitter now
for almost 2 years
I have found friendships
that are sure to continue to grow
I have learned so very much
about myself and others
I have battled my demons
even the ones I didn’t know

I penned many subtweets
to others who did the same
I loved wordplay on the timeline
with others that played the game
What you didn’t see
what only a few know as true
is that behind the scenes
I made sure each wordsmith knew
That the words we are sharing
are just that, simply words
Not love, nor promises
that need to cause hurt
And with metaphoric handshakes
our words melded in kind
We would twist and tangle linguistics
delve deep, expand our minds
Fun… Right?

Now, with that being said
I’m not naive nor ignorant
I know feelings shared
need hearts of diligence
So, I’d reassure all
with tweets of integrity
that these letters of mine
were penned to be gritty
Two years of passed time
have seen too many tears
too many rhymes misconstrued
too many thrown spears

My twitter account
will now remain active
Even though the mere sight of me
seems to hurt some unintentionally
My goal for using my name
for placing my face on the page
was to stop any games
to enter the next phase
Words, are my passion
writing is my intense desire
My account will display
when my pen is inspired

I am sorry
I have hurt you
I am sorry
I caused fire, burned
I am thankful
I met you
I am thankful
I for the lessons, learned

To all concerned
I am on a wonderful journey
much more than the online life
where you see my wordy release
I have goals dreams hopes desires
That I intend to follow flourish grow

I still don’t know
where my responsibility ends
All I do know
is that I’m in love with this pen

Take care of your hearts
I promise I will do the same
Be understanding of others
Take responsibility, without blame

When all is said…
I’m done…

Till we meet again
Megan Kay x

How did you know?

Oh my…
How did you find me?
How could you have known
every single letter that would own
my achingly awakening bones?
How did you know?

You pen of the world
the universal truths
as though you have slept
inside my very own mind
kept silent all these years
just until I was ready to find
How did you know?

You scribe of times
that our lips sublimely met
knowing all the while
how wet that makes me
Never mind, that we’ve not seen
each other in the flesh
I get it, it’s poetry…
About me…
How did you know?

Our tangled limbs
in sweat soaked sheets
resting upon never endings
sends me deeper
into your pounding chest
as my metaphoric head rests
in luxurious linguistic tease
I know you write of me
How did you know?

Those blue eyes
that have claimed your desires
pale to my shade
of green
Wait… Oh, I get it
You don’t want others
to see how you truly feel
about me
You’re so protecting
How did you know?

Your letters dance
as though the music
just flows for your words
to merge in perfect verse
Cinderfuckingrella sisters
may cut off all their toes
to slip into those slippers
but I know
they belong on my feet
that you sweep me off
How did you know?

The way your ink spills
filling up my heart
it’s like we’ve never been apart
Time was ours
to devour as one
Hey, where did you go?
What do you mean it was a show?
Words worded for art sake?
We were destined
Our souls were to meet
finally finding the other half
I knew that
right from the very start!
You played me
like an instrument
that was harping
to be owned…

How did you know?