When all is said… I’m done…

When does my responsibility end?
Is it when I put down my pen?
Is it when I click send?
Or is that just the beginning, again?

I have been on twitter now
for almost 2 years
I have found friendships
that are sure to continue to grow
I have learned so very much
about myself and others
I have battled my demons
even the ones I didn’t know

I penned many subtweets
to others who did the same
I loved wordplay on the timeline
with others that played the game
What you didn’t see
what only a few know as true
is that behind the scenes
I made sure each wordsmith knew
That the words we are sharing
are just that, simply words
Not love, nor promises
that need to cause hurt
And with metaphoric handshakes
our words melded in kind
We would twist and tangle linguistics
delve deep, expand our minds
Fun… Right?

Now, with that being said
I’m not naive nor ignorant
I know feelings shared
need hearts of diligence
So, I’d reassure all
with tweets of integrity
that these letters of mine
were penned to be gritty
Two years of passed time
have seen too many tears
too many rhymes misconstrued
too many thrown spears

My twitter account
will now remain active
Even though the mere sight of me
seems to hurt some unintentionally
My goal for using my name
for placing my face on the page
was to stop any games
to enter the next phase
Words, are my passion
writing is my intense desire
My account will display
when my pen is inspired

I am sorry
I have hurt you
I am sorry
I caused fire, burned
I am thankful
I met you
I am thankful
I for the lessons, learned

To all concerned
I am on a wonderful journey
much more than the online life
where you see my wordy release
I have goals dreams hopes desires
That I intend to follow flourish grow

I still don’t know
where my responsibility ends
All I do know
is that I’m in love with this pen

Take care of your hearts
I promise I will do the same
Be understanding of others
Take responsibility, without blame

When all is said…
I’m done…

Till we meet again
Megan Kay x

6 thoughts on “When all is said… I’m done…

    1. Megan Kay's Blog Post author

      Hey lovely, I’m well, thank you.
      Twitter is no longer the place for me. Time to put my energy elsewhere. I will keep in touch via here though. Hope you had a wonderful Straya Day weekend xx


  1. Mike

    The fault’s not yours to own. You cast a net as broad as your mind and harvested mental minnows enmeshed in their adolescent narcissistic desires. Continue to do what you do best.


    1. Megan Kay's Blog Post author

      On one hand, I find fault of none… Just humans interacting, learning their own lessons. On the other hand, I must own my fault(s) as my own lessons, for how can I pen of self awareness and growth, yet continue to place myself in the face of all that provokes such shallow ties…? It’s time, to live, my word(s)


  2. marcus

    right on MeKa…I commend you for your thoughts and hope you continue to be you…One Cool Lady. hugs, howls, face licks and legs humps…;-)



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