In gratitude

I am
In gratitude

I am completely humbled by the amount of support I have received for my writing.
22,000 hits on this blog in the past 15 months has my mind in a spin, and my heart simply swelling…

In gratitude

I am on yet another twitter break, as many of you well know, it’s just something I do, I reckon we can just call it habitual now…
I will have you know, my pen is still flowing, as I nervously, yet excitedly await this tick tocking of wonder, that @immortaljaye has created for me…
My website will be up and running sooner than my breaths of anticipation are spilling onto the pages, so I do hope to have a little surprise in store upon it’s launch…

Please, take care of your hearts.
Love those around you, especially if you think they don’t deserve it, they’re the ones that need it most.
Caress anybody that holds open their arms.
Kiss the lips of those who hold your heart.
And be grateful…
Every day…
Knowing, you are loved


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