Thanks for the a•muse•ment

A slave to these letters
that pour from my pen
A novice to the script
a seeker of deeper dialect
I found an ever expansive world
that drew me back again and again

I found you

So I followed a few
deviantly delicious muses
Some to coax poetry
others biting for bruises
Tickling my linguistic tongue
you splayed your diction in succumb

So I fed

Filling my cup with your essence
drowning my core in your verse
Scrolling pages and pages
of erotically pictorial prose
And the hurts the pains the wails
of souls as lost and broken as mine

We bled

My thesaurus has never squealed
quite like she does when I tweet
Excitedly bouncing off the shelf
spreading in an arched spine relief
Glowing as she reveals her secrets
to this awed unknowing word thief

We played

Until one day
This one actually
I noticed a change in how I wrote
A choking notion provoking this note
Once there was you as a muse
Now all I see are words I can’t use

Let me show you

(If you see yourself in this passage, please know, you’ve touched me)

Just in case the darker sins I embrace
with a brave ethereal light does fright
I dance with a dandelion love
for moons miss adventures
immortality sighing scarlet velvet hues
to break the poetic downfall of snow
The carnal howl as a coyotes eye
bores into one of jaded beauty
has words escape me as they pour
into firm handed love of a distant rain
Unashamedly I read as a voyeur
more so than venetians could hide
So I dreamed in magenta tones
of lost moments cast like voodoo
Pearls of perfection left shadows
on georgian walls of silent whispers
letters hidden behind bold rocks
vying to be inked upon midnight stars

All in the need to be freed

Eye would read….

And that, is merely your @
Not a whisper
of the continuous content
you constantly infuse
between each line
with your musings
of syntactical sublime

Perhaps that influx can wait
for another day, some other time

My point here is this
my voice seems to be amiss
My pen stutters in bound binary
songs that no longer resound me
So, I bid thee
a little silent reprieve

Thank you for bearing your souls
upon a heart that will never forget

It’s just time…
to step away…
and breathe…


14 thoughts on “Thanks for the a•muse•ment

  1. Justin Case

    Exactly a year and a half ago

    I found you and you found me
    So we fed
    We bled
    We played

    and you showed me what good writing is. I have savored every word. You are the standard against which all others are compared. You’re a storyteller, a dream weaver, a Poetess laureate of the highest degree.

    Just in case I’ve not mentioned it, you are so talented, a beautiful soul, an inspiration to us all.

    Ink runs though your veins. You are compelled to write. You are destined to become a writer. Perhaps not tomorrow, but it will happen. I can feel it. I can read it in your words.

    Take a step back.
    Take some time.
    I’ll be waiting. See you soon.



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