My Poet Tree

Each of these following words, were gifted by the minds of some truly beautiful people of whom I have met, and kept, in my heart, since my time spent on twitter. They aren’t all writers, nor poets, just ones that I couldn’t bear to not have a small piece of them remain here, with me, together, in unity, for some sense of eternity.
To all those that contributed to this post, I curtsey, in complete gratitude. To those who are reading these words yet weren’t requested to participate, please don’t think you haven’t touched me, deeply, it’s just that these entries, I literarily needed.
Hope you enjoy this exquisite collection of poetic journeys I’ve had the privilege of being witness to.
These poets, were sent the same image, were not asked anything other than to gift me their words, their interpretation. And, without question, without concern, I had them flooding through my inbox within minutes. This, spoke volumes to me. As my intention was not to plug, nor promote, not to escalate their social status, not to do anything other than provide a home for their poem. And here, they shall reside.
With Love, Always x

















Please, by all means, if this image speaks to you, let your pen flow, in response, in the comment section below x

18 thoughts on “My Poet Tree

  1. Justin Case

    I am in awe of the depth and breadth of these interpretations. So many ways to write from the same image. It’s like one seed produces an entire garden of delights for all to enjoy. Well done everyone!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. marcus

    M’lle MeKa, you sly sexy thing…am totally surprised and humbled that you included me among this group of stars.
    Beautifully done from the choice of image to the layout of each piece. This was a lot of work I’m sure. Thank you for your heart and love of words.
    To everyone invited, beautifully done, HATFM (((Awhoooo)))
    To MeKa, GrrrRrrrRrrr, legs humps and face licks ppppppppppp

    Liked by 2 people

  3. marcus

    Reblogged this on High in the Woods and commented:
    “My Poet Tree” posted by the lovely Megan Kay
    M’lle MeKa assembled an amazing cast of writers and poets and I am humbled at being included. When MeKa appraoched me, all she did was ask, I think I replied within 24 hours lol, thats the effect M’lle MeKa has…(((Awhoooo)))
    I just had to have these thought inspiring words grace my woods, they are like wild flowers that bloom in the spring.
    Thank you MeKa, hugs, howls, leg humps and face licks pppp



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