Monthly Archives: October 2014

One year on…

One year ago today, on old hallows eve, I picked up the keys to my new life. Since then, I have run around like a crazed woman, unlocking doors I never dreamed truly existed. The breeze that enveloped me had soft tones of a previously unmet freedom, yet, the scent that lingered, and is continuously swirling, is that of flourishing growth, broadening with intent of nourishment.
One year ago, I closed the door on a 22 year long relationship, marriage. I must admit, the entire journey has been nothing short of overwhelming.
Firstly, the man I have spent most moments of my life with, is one that has completely earned my gratitude and respect, not to mention my lifelong friendship, but more than that, he held my hand through breaths that turned into tears, that grew into years of a girl questioning her inner world. He held my heart when the darkness claimed my entirety. He held a light, knowing that one day I’d find the strength to open my eyes, see it, and seek to live in it. I’m not sure if whilst doing this, he even contemplated that once I tasted the light, I’d possibly step free of his caress, and fly into the sunset, but he did it anyway, selflessly, only to kiss me, as my feet stepped over the marital threshold, into the life I was destined to be part of. He owns my awe. I’m not sure if I’d have that kind of strength and composure. I’m so eternally grateful that he did. Does.
So, on this day, twelve months later, all I have to show for my newfound boundless space, is this cheshire grin. Not just a toothy smirk that has been painted on with my makeup, rather one that honestly, I would need to struggle in order to stop it from escaping from within. It is the most real thing I have felt, in what seems like eternity. All I have is this smile. And the man to thank is the very one that wiped away torrents of tears. So this message, is purely a letter of love, for the past, the present, and the future…. Bring it on!
Thank you M, for being my savior. You deserve every happiness this world has to offer. Love You xxx