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#PicturePromptChallenge by Megan Kay

What a truly humbling day, to have my words added to this ever growing list of exquisitely penned Poets and Authors. If gratitude could spill from ones pores, consider me love slickened! Thank you Deb!
Please, click on the link and allow yourselves some time to scroll through this delightful myriad of poetic interpretation, enjoy x

Words across the Oceans



If my life was a play
I’d set the stage
with a path
cast in darkness
There’d be tangled limbs
bowing to the winds
that constantly whispered
of times change
There’d be a moon
swollen with howls
however now
perhaps with wishes
And a star studded sky
just there to remind me
of how minuscule
I truly am

If my life was a play
I’d set the stage
with flickers
of warm candlelight
There’d be no need
to rehearse my verses
for my truth
would spill from my eyes
My past would be behind me
my future not yet scripted
and my now
I’d gift solely to you
There’d be no bells and whistles
I’d not cue the violins
There’d be just me, bared
in naked vulnerability

If my life was a play
I’d set the stage
with a path
that lead me to…

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in complete heart

she’d been here before

turning this very corner
only to stumble
upon another sharp edge
cutting into her every truth
she knew
there’d be a hill up ahead
a climb of tiring incline
that curved gently at the crest
allowing a brief triumphant rest
before yet another slide
into more
of the flesh scoring stories
that held her life’s stride
as she traced her way
around the edges
to the familiar beat
of this puzzled heart
right back to the start
her journey seemed endless
as though she’d been placed
strategically positioned
in a much bigger game
she had her moments
of immense shame
blaming her lack of understanding
as to why she kept returning
to this blackened terrain
until today
when she doubled over
only not in crippled pain
but how this conundrum
that commanded her attention
suddenly rippled in vivid reflection
this hollowed cavern
that she’d avoided
for eternal days and nights
was never a missing piece
yet her own beautiful darkness
filling her heart
piecing her whole
in peace
This poem was originally entered into a Voella Poetry Challenge. To view it on their site, and scroll some wonderfully poetic minds, click here. Trust me, take a coffee with you 😉