Monthly Archives: May 2015

it’s okay

i’m not as strong

as i thought i was

and that

is okay

because i know

that by tomorrow

i’ll be stronger

than yesterday

i’m not as brave

as i thought i was

and that too

is alright

for this armor

that weighed me down

is now often

feeling light

i’m not as happy

as i thought i was

a painstaking


although the sun

still reminds me

that the sky too

is blue 

i’m not as smart

as i once wished i was


no nobel prize

what i may lack

in fact keeping

i truly strive

with the wise

i’m not as pretty

as i once hoped

i’d grow

to be

i do however

live moments

of pure

poetic beauty

i’m not as stable

as i hoped to be

in this stage

of my life

however i’m grateful

that these walls i built

could be taken down

by a lone pocket knife

i’m not as confident

as i lead others

to believe

to see

i am vulnerable

i am weak

i am still learning how

to be me

…and that

is okay…

because although i can’t

repaint the past

i can

sketch a new today