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just be…

be the life

of his every breath

be the birth

that caresses death 

be the gift

that beckons presence

be the star

that circles his crescent 

be the bosom

that piques his interest

be the strength

that supports his weakness

be the limbs

that grow intertwined

be the reality

of fantasies combined

be the woman

that curves his sight

be the guide

to his every delight

be the light

that shadows his dark

be the journey

he yearns to embark

be the elixir

that conjures his sip

be the goddess

that deserves his worship


The way He…

she sits alone
sipping slowly
from the glistening rim
of drunken thoughts
cupping crystalised images
swirling in her sins
her palate whet
with remnants
of his scent
the way he made her
in wanton release
then turned her
gripping her hips
and forced her
teeth to bite the sheets
the way he worked her body
each curve designed
to be refined by his touch
the way he clutched
her neck tightly
as she beckoned
profanities politely
fuck me
the way he knew
how her flesh would rouge
with each lick
of his flicking crop
the way his digits
slid inside her
reminding her
how drenched she was
the way he owned
every moment
with the skill
of a professional Sir
the way she fell
to her knees
pleading to please
his every need
the way he soothed
her insecurities
with whispers
that dripped with pleasure
the way he showed her
how completely
she aroused him
by taking her
breaking her
remaking her
and again
she sat alone
in the dark
sipping slowly
from her past
the depth
of his impressions
went far beneath
her supple flesh


Why does it feel…

Why does it feel
like an eternity
since I kissed those lips?
When in reality
it’s merely been but a breath
that is yet to be exhaled
Why does it feel
as though my flesh
has been left abandoned?
When in reality
my limbs, my neck, my breasts
still bear bruises of your bite
Why does it feel
so long ago
that you held me close?
When in reality
the warmth of your touch
still smolders deeply inside
Why does it feel
like forever ago
that I got lost in your eyes?
When in reality
neither you
nor I
have blinked


Ready… Or not……

Sensory overload
swirling within her core
All stored desires writhing
in awakening ache
to be freed

Stricken by greed
her long forgotten plead
now replaced by fingertips
of deeply gauging need

To feed
her only goal

Utter intoxication
of a sinful nights scent
completely sweeping
her arching spine

She crawls
prowling with the prowess
of a skilled killer beast
beneath a well rounded moon

Her swelling starvation
stirring growls of hunger
rolling in silent storms
behind a finely refined
lip bitten grin

She was famished
salivating in salvation
of savouring each new flavour
as it dripped from the fresh flesh
of her next unsuspecting victim

…………..Or not…….


Two Horny Poets

What do two horny poets do
late on a Sunday eve?
Share a delectable image
then pen of how it reads…
And here… Speaks the quills
of first Mark Davis, then my own…
Together…. Our diction grinds
and writhes and moans……
Enjoy 😊

The text message was blunt
“My girl,I wait for you
Come now to my corner
You know what to do”
He sat there with his drink
Took a little sip
Watched her pull her dress up
Tongue flicked across his lip

Before she threw her head back
She bravely looked across
At work she was his senior
But here he was the boss
Fallen under his spell
Out on a Friday evening drink
And now she did what ordered
Did not need to think

He watched her fingers working
Didn’t have to taste
Knew his time was coming
There really was no haste
Looked around the bar
Their eyes were turned away
But knew the show was watched
Would be remembered the next day

He made her fingers work
Until with a muffled moan
He recognised the peak of lust
Then picked up the phone
“You did well” he text
Then got up off his seat
His entree had been served to him
Main course now to eat

Mark Davis
If you haven’t already, go treat yourself to some delicious erotica by visiting Marks blog by clicking on the link above….

Now for my words….

The quaint little restaurant
had all but cleared
we had dined divinely
on spears of asparagus
oysters and caviar
He delicately wined me
into sublime intoxication
‘just enough’ He’d say
to have me swell
in a whirling elation
‘Now lift your skirt
twirl, and face me’
He slowly sipped
on the rich crystal rim
swirling His words
on His finely liquored tongue
as my fingers slid
scoring a light trail
my thighs parting
in delight of ascension
beckoned by His voice
‘slowly My love
don’t take what’s Mine
in a speedy haste’
my breasts heave
racing heart relaying
my need for relief
I paced my trace
Gently circling my clit
my lip forced into a bite
sighs filled the night
as my pleasure echoed
scents of sweet sin
lifted and bounced
from His own groan
that soon followed
His low tone had me shift
into a greedy frenzy
parting my folds quickly
rubbing my hungry palm hard
dipping a fingertip deeply
He scoffed harshly
‘don’t you dare push
beyond the known edge
lift your finger My filthy pet
let Me taste let Me savour
the flavour that is Mine’

How did you know?

Oh my…
How did you find me?
How could you have known
every single letter that would own
my achingly awakening bones?
How did you know?

You pen of the world
the universal truths
as though you have slept
inside my very own mind
kept silent all these years
just until I was ready to find
How did you know?

You scribe of times
that our lips sublimely met
knowing all the while
how wet that makes me
Never mind, that we’ve not seen
each other in the flesh
I get it, it’s poetry…
About me…
How did you know?

Our tangled limbs
in sweat soaked sheets
resting upon never endings
sends me deeper
into your pounding chest
as my metaphoric head rests
in luxurious linguistic tease
I know you write of me
How did you know?

Those blue eyes
that have claimed your desires
pale to my shade
of green
Wait… Oh, I get it
You don’t want others
to see how you truly feel
about me
You’re so protecting
How did you know?

Your letters dance
as though the music
just flows for your words
to merge in perfect verse
Cinderfuckingrella sisters
may cut off all their toes
to slip into those slippers
but I know
they belong on my feet
that you sweep me off
How did you know?

The way your ink spills
filling up my heart
it’s like we’ve never been apart
Time was ours
to devour as one
Hey, where did you go?
What do you mean it was a show?
Words worded for art sake?
We were destined
Our souls were to meet
finally finding the other half
I knew that
right from the very start!
You played me
like an instrument
that was harping
to be owned…

How did you know?

In her memory

There was a moment
in the pit of his soul
he knows it
Surely his memory
wouldn’t be
evil enough to betray him

There was a time
in the beat of his heart
he feels it
Surely his mind
couldn’t be
so cruelly playing him

There was a breath
shared between lovers
he can taste it
as if it never left
as if he’s not taken one since
as if there’s nothing
but that single
loving breath
Surely his lips
shouldn’t be
her sweet flavour
if she
even breathed

There was a picture
of desperate perfection
taken by her hand
at his command
Thank fuck
he yelled
as he fell
to the ground
his whole self
in her


From cover to uncovered

She waited
in complete silence
in bated anticipation
at his eye level
with tales of elation

She was his favourite
she knew this
by the way
he stroked her spine
Deeply cherished
like a first kiss
that had transcended
hands of time

She was his
first love
his one and only
prized possession
Her patience
held his heart
every transgression

He caressed her
embraced her
traced each
of her curves
She openly sighed
as he owned her
every word

The tips
of his longing
flicked in knowing
He’d covered
every last inch
of her flesh
intensity growing

She parted
her inhibitions
laid herself bare
He coveted
her readiness
with eyes
of a hungry stare

She arched
in sweet succumb
his roaming thumbs
He delved
into new depths
with intent
to come undone

Her binds
to his soul
were more
than any mold
Their stories
of deviant sin
were printed
in italic bold

She knew
just as soon
as he gripped
his devoutly beloved
He’d complete her
devour her
and read repeatedly
from cover to uncovered